Winter tale

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Another sunny winter day. He was on his own, as most of the time, simply waiting for people to notice him. He was never allowed to leave the room, he had to be pleased with the given conditions. There we happy days, when the room was spotless and smelling so nice, others were not so shiny. But he did not know anything else, he just took life as it came. For sure, he was also cleaned, taken care of, but in the end it was for the comfort of others, he was sure nobody gave him a second thought. From time to time someone would lift him and he could catch a glimpse of the nearby mountains through the small room which was bringing light in his life. He was so curious to know what was beyond those walls which kept him a prisoner. He was very determined that one day he will see the world as it is. But less did he know, that today was THE DAY when everything will change. Suddenly he felt a woman's hand, which with a lot of force pulled him and threw him through the narrow window. He land in the snow and he just started breathing and enjoying the view. The young couple which he almost fell upon looked scared and amazed, not understanding why a toilet seat landed close by!



Have a good weekend.

Interesting twist.


that's funny, claudia... he's a toilet seat, with feelings...

haha loved this!

I loved this Claudia, you made me have a good chuckle.

Wouldn't it be awful if things had feelings! Great story.

@all - I am happy you enjoyed it, I had fun writing it ;)

That's a little spooky really. I'll never relax on the toilet again I'm afraid. It will, no doubt, be mocking me!
Very funny. ♥

I almost spit on the computer with that...very creative Ms Claudia!
Happy Weekend to you and yours~

Lustig! Loved it!

Okay, this made me laugh. I sure didn't see that coming, (neither did the young couple!).

HA! I love surprise endings and you nailed it! I love this story!!!

Brilliant, Claudia! I was really getting into this little story and, then, what a funny twist at the end, with it being a toilet!! LOL!!

Clever twist!

Very clever!
You made me giggle!!

Whatta fun ending, Cute and to the point and gave me a smile at the end.

@Jo - I am sure it is not the case :)
@Sush - I am happy you enjoyed it!
@Weissdorn - danke dir!
@Sarah - glad I did surprise you a bit!
@Darlene - I loved the challenge, always fun.
@Diane - good :)
@November Rain - thank you.
@Laura - happy for you!
@Sondra - smiles are good!

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