Away from her (him)

Posted by Claudia Moser on 9:54 PM
Another trip today, again Estonia, site visit. This means that I am away from home for 3 days, and above all away from my husband. By now it should be a routine, but each time I am leaving, I feel sad.

On the way from Tallinn to Narva, I was reading a wonderful short story by Alice Munro called The bear came over the mountain. It is very touching and it somehow I know that I will be re-reading it over and over again.

From the Preface, a certain passage made an impression on me. It is written by Sarah Polley, who in the end did the adaptation of the short story in a movie called Away from her. She writes about what her future husband told her at the beginning of their encounter:

'He talked about his parents, how they had been together for forty-five years, and how sometimes, as his mother washed the dishes, her husband would approach her as she worked, slip his arms around her waist and lightly kiss the back of her neck. He thought that this endurance was the definition of love, not the initial insanity. If something remained, some inexplicable, intangible thread managed to stay unbroken, after the betrayals, the hurt and the disappointment that any maariage must surely endure, then that was what he was willing to concede must be love.'

You know which picture I have in my mind? Me waking up this morning in my husband arms. This will keep me going until I return, while I am away from him!

Good night!

P.S: For those who would like to read the book, it is to be found here, as for the movie here



So sweet...

I like that passage. That moment of tenderness that perfectly illustrates an enduring love.

@Laura - the story is amazing as well, I truly recommend reading it!
@Summer - yes, it really stayed with me long after reading it!

Oh my goodness--that was beautiful!! I too love waking up in my husbands arms--or just walking hand in hand with him. I must read this book :) Cheers, Jenn

@Jenn - it is worth it! And holding arms is also very comforting!

Anonymous says:

Aw, I love that passage. Thanks for sharing!

@Madeline - glad you liked it!

A beautiful passage. That intangible thread holds my husband and I together also. We have been through hard times, as the writer says, but will always be held together by love.

@Belle - you are lucky, as am I!

I hate being away from my hubby, too. Take care, Claudia.

Awww, that's so sweet. So glad you have a great guy who makes you feel that way!

Anonymous says:

Very cool! If I hadn't neglected all my other books for side projects, I would definitely look into the book and movie. =D

--Diana Jillian

Oh how lovely! It's going on the list of Beach Reads for our vacation.
I love how my husband still opens every door be it car or building for me and always always kisses me before he leaves in the morning. And we've been married for almost 40 years!

Safe travels and hugs~

Hi Claudia. Sorry to hear that you're away from your soul mate again :( That books sound quite wonderful and I love the piece that you have quoted here. I shall be looking out for that one, as I always have a book on the go. Take care until you are back home again, my friend.

@Karen - being away is hard!
@Barb - yes, he is wonderful and I am happy I found him :-)
@Diana - maybe some day!
@Sush - you will enjoy it for sure. And you are also lucky to have such a wonderful guy on your side!
@Diane - that is life! But tomorrow I will be home :-)

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