Stormy Weather

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From Tallinn to Narva I had the chance of experiencing a wonderful rainbow, heavy rain, powerful thunders, incredible lightnings, all in all an amazing display of nature's power. Enjoy the pictures, I hope they will tell you a bit of my amazement and awe in front on this superbe encounter!



WOW! Those pictures are so gorgeous! They are breath taking! Thank you so much for sharing with us in the Positivity Group!

I am in awe of Mother Nature!

Those photos are absolutely awesome! As you say, nature in all its forms.


Wow--there is such power in these storms--you captured it beautifully!!

Cheers, Jenn

@Marian - thank you, I had to share it with you, it was amazing!
@Diane - it was simply amazing!
@DrHoney - the right time indeed, I did take them! :-)

@Jenn - yes, and the storm is not yet done! Good that I am in a hotel!

Anonymous says:

That is so cool how you caught that picture of lightning. It's very rare to be able to get a shot like that because of how quick it is when it happens.

@Diana - I know, I was pretty lucky! Lovely feeling!

Wow, Claudia, these photos are amazing - especially the one of the lightning.

@Karen - thank you, I was witnessing something truly amazing!

I've never seen a lightening bolt that wide before. Great photos.

OMG what beautiful pictures. I especially loved the lightning bolt one. You caught one of mother natures wonders. Great job!

Those were AMAZING pictures. I have a very healthy respect for lighting...dating back to when I was three and it struck so close to me it knocked me to the ground and out for a bit. My Mom was terrified! And on another note...she said tongue in cheek...I LOVE Lena Horne's rendition of Stormy Weather more than any!

Thanks and Hugs~

Wonderful pictures. I love stormy weather :)

sooooo cool!!!

xoxo from rome

@Belle - yes, I was very lucky and the bolt was a great experience!
@Jenni - thanks! Fascinating also now after 1 day!
@Sush - wow, poor you, happy all went well. And your mom's advice is similar to the one I got from mine :)
@Sarah - stormy weather is indeed spectacular!
@Karolina - cool indeed :-)

What a wonderful pictorial record of the awe inspiring storm you travelled through.

@Desiree - it was indeed a great experience!

Anonymous says:

Great shots! I love storms--the wickeder, the better.

@Beth - yes, me too :-)

All the photos are incredible but that lightening bolt is NatGeo worthy. Wow!

@Langley - thank you, it was an amazing experience!

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