Strawberry Fields Forever, a modern love story

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Babett hates Steven, and Steven hates Babett.

They shared this feeling from the beginning, somehow it was written in their DNA. Babett was in charge with a multinational project, involving 5 different offices across Europe. She was located in Basel, leading her team, while Steven had his in Dublin. She was too young in so many people eyes, including Steven. She was too dinamic, too pushy, too dinamic. They exchanged many emails, attended common conf calls and everyone knew how they felt. They could not hide, the mutual dislike emerged eventually in every situation.

At one point in time, the multinational team had to meet in order to discuss further steps, and everybody feared this encounter. They kind of anticipated friction between Babett and Steven, thus the atmosphere was beyong being frosty. Somehow fitting to the location, Helsinki in November. Grey, dark, even the snow was despressing. Babett was depressed, she did not know how to deal with Steven.

The afternoon prior to the meeting. Babett took a long walk to clear her thoughts and ended up in a coffee shop, she felt the cold in her bones. With a large coffee in her hands, she found a table located close to the window. People watching was relaxing her. And then she saw Steven. She never met him before, but she knew. It could only be him, tall, arogant, walking with fast pace. Her heart sunk, overwhelmed by his presence. What a day lay before her!

Morning, 9 am. Meeting should start, but Steven is not there. Babett has doubts, should she start or should she wait? She decides to proceed with her agenda, hours pass, decisions are taken, the atmosphere is good, and then the door is slammed and Steven enters. Everyone is silent, Babett included. No word, no hello, he sits down as if all is well. Babett has to continue, the discussion is somehow hindered but they manage to progress.

Lunch time. They briefly look at each other, acknowledge each other's presence, but that was it. No real hello, no real communication.

The afternoon brings no change, but at least they are done, and Babett is grateful that Steven has a hangover. He is too disturbed to react, to protest, to fight her proposals.

Babett hates Steven, and so does he.

He cannot focus and the sound of her voice reminds him of her efficiency. He does not really get it, why did he have to over drink? He was never scared before, and never of a woman. So why was the whisky so tempting? And this meeting which never ends. Suddenly he hears Babett proposing dinner, everyone accepts and he has to as well. He would love to go and sleep off his hangover, but no, Babett needs to show off. OK, dinner!

Babett is surprised, she thought Steven would say no, but here he is, tagging along. She remembered a nice Italian from the previous visits to Helsinki, and they all head over.

No real small talk between Babett and Steven, just brief looks, analysing, attentive at each move.

Babett loves deserts, and while checking the menu she found strawberry icecream. How she loves it when it melts, the intense berry taste. It does not matter that it is November, she has to order it.

'Strawberry icecream please!' towards the waiter and then towards her assistant
'I always associate a song to my favourite dessert! Do you know Strawberry Fields Forever?'

and then she started singing with a lovely amazing voice

'Let me take you down, 'cause I'm going to Strawberry Fields.
Nothing is real and nothing to get hung about.
Strawberry Fields forever.'

Steven is speechless, her voice brings warmth and a special something inside him.

Steven loves Babett and Babett feels the vibe.

From then onwards, Babett loves Steven and so does he. Forever ...



I absolutely adored reading this. It was amazing and made me think of how I thought my Rich was kind of weird when I first started working with him. Funny how things can change in a heartbeat!

@Barb - thank you, it ain't the best writing but I liked the idea!

Congratulations Claudia. I really enjoyed this post!

@Diane - thank you, I appreciate your words as always!

What a great story!! It moved along nicely--and what a sweet ending! (Pun intended!) Cheers, Jenn

@Jenn - I love sweet endings :)))

Anonymous says:

Awesome post! =D

@Diana - thank you! I enjoyed writing it!

It's funny how a person's feelings towards another person can change by one little glimpse into the other person's persona. I have changed my opinion of other people just as quickly as your heroine did.

I love this story. So sweet!

@Darlene - I loved to write it, and yes it happened to me as well to change opinion!

That was very cute. I'd love to know more about this couple, see where they came from and where they are going. Really enjoyed reading this *Hugs*

@Gil - well maybe I will figure out something in their future :-)

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