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As clearly stated in my Longing List, the best things in life are the simplest and this evening was just one example for this rule.

You know what? I am simply happy at this particular moment, after spending 3 lovely hours with my neighbour, also Claudia :)

What did we do? Well, while reading the local newspaper on Sunday I stumble upon a small add saying that this evening the store Karstadt (similar to Marks & Spencer) is organising a Ladies Night in order to announce the new refurbishing they were doing for the last 2 months. I noted towards Peter that I would love to go, but with whom? And then he suggested my neighbour, and I am so glad he did that. Claudia accepted without any hesitation, so here we were, the 2 Claudias driving towards the special evening.

The store had quite a nice program prepared: make up tips, a fashion show, live music, some nice drinks.

We started with a lovely Campari Orange, then found a nice spot (2 lovely leather armchairs) and chatted and chatted while waiting for the fashion show. Sadly the show was short, only half an hour, but great music and some nice combinations. What I can say is that pink, dark red, grey and blue are trendy.

Picture from here

Then we had free shopping, with some nice discounts. Somehow time went by so quickly, we found lovely items, had fun trying them on! The live soul music in the background was a great companion.

In the end after spending some money for us, we bought chocolate for the husbands and cheese for Naila. She snore happily at my feet after seeing me safe home and enjoying the treat!

Life is good and I am still happy!



What a lovely evening that sounds like, even better in good company :-)

What a wonderful evening! So happy that you were able to enjoy it...with good company too!

Sounds a perfect girlie evening.

So glad that you enjoyed it.

The fashion show sounds great (even if it was short)

I love a night like that.

I hope that the rest of your week goes as well for you.

@Sarah - yes, Claudia is a wonderful person, it was nice to spend some time with her!
@Laura - yes, very good idea from my husband!
@Fiona - I hope so too, this week is not so stressy!

What a fun night! So good you took the initiative to ask your neighbor to go too! Sounds like a great time.

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It's really nice when a husband is supportive of girl's night out. Mine is always happy to see me out and about and having fun...happier me=happier he! Three hours of fashion, female companionship and new fashions, how wonderful!


Those kind of things are fun. I remember going to wedding fashion shows with my oldest daughter. We had a ball! I'm glad you had such a good time.

I love pink with grey.

Sounds like a lovely nilght no wonder your happy :)

A real, happy girlie night out. What more could anyone want?!

That sounds like a beautiful way to spend the evening.

Sometimes the simple times are the best. :-)

@Kathi - yes I did, and I am happy I followed Peter's advice!
@Sush - yes, he is very supportive! It was great and today was also wonderful!
@Belle - the combination is really pretty, even if I don't enjoy pink that much!
@Luan - I enjoyed it immensly!
@Diane - not more :)
@Misha - you are so right!

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