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After a wonderful day yesterday, it seems that my good positive vibe mood continues! Since I am at home for more than 10 days at a row without any business trips, the social life can flourish and this afternoon I spend lovely 2 hours with a good friend. She went through many hardships (lost her husband, had to move into a new flat), but her optimism amazes me each day.

While chatting happily over a cup of coffee I noticed a new poster she had in her living room with the wonderful poem below:

I want you to listen to me without judging me
I want you to give your opinion without giving me advice
I want you to trust me without expecting anything
I want you to help me without deciding for me
I want you to care for me without smothering me
I want you to see me without seeing yourself in me
I want you to hug me without suffocating me
I want you to encourage me without hassling me
I want you to hold me without holding me down
I want you to protect me without lying
I want you to come closer without intruding
I want you to know everything that displeases you about me
That you accept this and do not try to change it
I want you to know ...that you can count on me today...
by Jorge Bucay

I am inspired and so full of energy ... no reason to explain that my day was a HIGH! The lows, not relevant ...



What a lovely poem...one we all need to remember and heed.

@Sush - I also love it, I will get the poster as well and hang it!

Claudia... I LOVE what that poster says!! I think I will copy that so that I will have it! So glad that you had such a nice time with your friend! :)

Oh, that's so wonderful, thank you for sharing.

@Becky - it is indeed a great collection of thoughts!

@Sarah - yes, very special!

Beautiful poem and your energy radiates right through my monitor. Glad you are feeling so happy, Claudia!

Those are wise words. I'm glad your days are so full of happiness!

Love love love that poem, Claudia. Thanks so much for sharing it. Glad you're on a high.

@Langley - thank you, it is a great poem indeed!

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