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Writing this entry while driving on the road to Tallinn to Narva. Actually I am not driving, just sitting in the bus and trying to get my thoughts together. Another Wednesday spend in Estonia, two more weeks and then I will have 2 free weeks without travel. Or at least that is what I hope, so better keep quiet and enjoy the break? :)

Anyway a normal day behind, work for 5 hours, travel for 7 hours. Somehow on the way I remembered one wonderful poem by our national poet Mihai Eminescu and I wanted to share that with you

And If...

And if the branches tap my pane
And the poplars whisper nightly,
It is to make me dream again
I hold you to me tightly.
And if the stars shine on the pond
And light its sombre shoal,
It is to quench my mind's despond
And flood with peace my soul.

And if the clouds their tresses part
And does the moon outblaze,
It is but to remind my heart
I long for you always.

Sweet dreams!



Maybe it was the description that you provided at the beginning of the post, but I could see the dark night road, covered all around with trees, zipping through time, and feeling the leaves waving at me silently as I drove by, wishing that I would stay for a little while and spend a time with those lonely trees...

Beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing!


Beautiful haunting poem for us today. Thank you Claudia!

That's a lovely poem, full of yearning.

Beautiful poem. I loved it.
Thanks for sharing!

Beautiful, Claudia - very image evoking...I could see the clouds parting and the moon shining through.

Have a lovely weekend,

@Arnab - thank you for dropping by and above all for commenting! I'm glad you enjoyed the poem!
@Diane - one of my favourite poets ever!
@Sarah - yes, yearning indeed!
@Laura - :)
@Jenny - still one more hard working day ahead, but almost there! Same to you!

It was a pleasure to drop by to read that poem... I'm glad I did!

See you around...

I've been off for a day or two for the most part...and I have missed so much loveliness on your blog. What a tender, loving poem.

Thank you~

@Arnab - for sure
@Sush - I'm glad you liked it!

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