Sumertime, but not for me

Posted by Claudia Moser on 9:45 PM

How I wish that these lines meant my day

And the livin' is easy

But no, 12 hours of long tiresome meetings, without a real result and all I can do is watch as the night sets in how teenagers spend their summertime on the beach. The best to describe the image is a poem from Nichita Stanescu, enjoy!

This sea is covered with adolescents
learning to walk on waves, upright,
sometimes resting their arms on the currents,
sometimes gripping a stiff beam of sunlight.
I lie on the broad beach, an angled shape, cut perfectly,
and I ponder them like travelers landing.
An infinite fleet of yawls. I wait to see
a false step, or at least a grounding
up to knee in the diaphanous swell
beneath their measured progress, sounding.
But they are slim and calm - as well,
they've learned to walk on waves - and standing.



Hi Claudia. Sorry your day wasn't as productive as you would have liked. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Lovely poem by the way. I am looking forward to your post tomorrow, and YOUR ending to that story you talked about a few days ago.

@Diane - that is life, sometimes you win, sometimes you loose! And the ending is scheduled :)

I hope you have a brighter tomorrow :)

I loved the beach when I was a teen. It was heaven to me.

Hi Claudia

Love the blog face lift - it looks great.

This is a lame summer for just about everyone in Germany. Where's the sun? I think I have mushrooms growing on my shoes from all of the rain. The beach is sounding pretty good!

Have a pretty weekend :)

Working when others are not can be so very depressing...

Hope your summer gets brighter and lighter in all aspects.


@Sarah - me too :=)
@Belle - yes, the beach is wonderful, great sand!
@Michelle - thanks, it looks better! Very lame indeed, but the beach is a no go area while you work. You end up there too late!
@Sush - well, I guess I learned that next year I'll planned a longer holiday somewhere sunny!

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