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What a day! Storms night, heavy rains, thunder, lightning, lot of noise. Then silence, quiet morning, lot of work, but in the end a normal day. And then just before I wanted to leave, another storm broke loose. The nature's power is amazing!

Since there was nothing else spectacular about the day, I thought I will adjust one challenge from a Romanian blog which I follow, so here we are!

Nominate a band or an artist which you liked as a child / teenager and now you are thinking why :)

Jason Donovan was the first which came into my mind, I still am able to hum his songs, I was a big fan and I still remember how one classmate gave me one of his albums (Ten Good Reasons) and I was exctatic!

Nominate a band or an artist which you hated and now you like

Well, this was hard since I like music in general and I don't associate hate with it. But I wasn't a big fan of the Stones, and now I truly enjoy hearing them!

Nominate a band or an artist which you liked and still do so!

This is easy, I always enjoyed Bee Gees (I even dedicated a post to them for the May Challenge!), it was the music my mom listen to while pregnant with you, sot it is really special!

Nominate a song which gives you the beat

Motown song, what else? :)

And to end, nominate the current favourite song



I used to love the Bee Gees
and saw a TV programme about them recently and realised just how good they were.
Went out and bought their greatest hits cd and love listening to it in the car!


@Fiona - I also have CDs and also some concerts on DVD, always fun to watch!

Claudia, you brought a smile to my face and warmth to my heart today. I love these groups and songs. I have to say I still love the one you don't like, "Sealed With A Kiss". I saw the Rolling Stones in San Bernardino before they were world famous I guess. It was exciting to a little teeny bopper like me. Thanks!

@Belle - I still like Jason Donovan, I am just wondering why :) I am glad I made you smile, thank you for letting me know!

Hmm, I don't know Jason Donovan. You make me smile,too. Love the BeeGees. Growing up I was a Dion and the Belmonts fan and also Patsy Cline.

@Karen - Patsy Cline sounds great!

Our weather is pretty much the same here, Claudia.
Your music choices brought me back in time, thanks for recalling happy times xxx

@Saskia - a small walk along memory lane!

I also love the Bee Gees. Hope you get some sunshine before your cold weather arrives!

Jason Donavon I was a major fan off. I loved his song with Kylie "Especially for You" I still no all the words.

That last one is new to me. She has a lovely voice.

@Desiree - at the moment Germany has really strange weather. Just a sample of this morning: fog, humid, luke warm and grey :(
@Luan - his voice matched Kyle's perfectly!
@Sarah - she is very refreshing!

Oh Claudia...I loved them all! Colbie Caillat is one of my newish fav singers...her Bubbly always has me b-bopping away!

Hope your weather turns lovely again! I do so love stormy weather now and again...


@Sush - I enjoyed searching for them as much as I like listening to them :-)

I'm reading this blog, and I'm think "Wow! We could be sisters!" because our music tastes are pretty similar. Want to know how much? I'll do this blog too on my "Notes from the Village Tree".


@Celeste - agree, after readkin your post :)

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