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Silence speaks volumes
Without uttering a word
Nothing is unsaid

-By James Traverse

Today the summer just came back, it was an amazing intense hot day so I decided to take half a day off from work, just because and dedicate it to me! To have me as my company, to enjoy the silence of my thoughts, to walk around.

In order not to have to many guilty feelings, I solved some administrative issues, happy for that!

Had two coffee breaks, one at our favourite place (my normal order: cold iced Schweppes Bitter Lemon and a capuccino), then an ice coffee on a terasse for people watching, with some nice magazines as bonus.

I did some brief shopping, including gorgeous flowers for the flat. Some nice gardenias and crysanthemum, blue and yellow!

I booked our holiday, we are off to Lanzarote, Canary Islands for our wedding anniversary. Spend some money, but the feeling afterwards cannot be beat!

In order to end such a wonderful afternoon, Peter invited me for sushi alongside a nice conversation.

My conclusion: happy summer day!



I am so glad that you had a happy summer day with Peter.

There is nothing better then taking time for yourself.

You will have a wonderful holiday in Lanzarote. We were there 5 weeks ago in Playa Blanca and it was lovely.

Wishing you well Claudia.

Fiona x

@Fiona - yes, I had a wonderful day and that is what counts :)

Ooh, sounds lovely, Claudia. BTW, I think I got the Sugartime video working on my blog thru Youtube. Thanks for visiting today.

@Karen - lovely video! Thank you for letting me know that it worked!

What a fantastic day - lucky you! How exciting to have booked a holiday too, hope you won't be waiting too long for it!

The Canary Islands will be a wonderful place to celebrate your anniversary! Sounds like a wonderful day, Claudia. I love flowers.

@Emma - it was simply a gorgeous day, and in the middle of the week! But hey it was worth it!
@Belle - I also love flowers, I was so excited today!

Ahhh a day away and spent with your loved one...nothing better! Sunshine and flowers, how divine! Looking forward to hearing and seeing tales of the vacation!


@Sush - I have to wait till November but it is worth it!

Thanks for all your visits to our blog. Very smart comment : Twin lakes; twin boats!

What a lovely afternoon. You deserved it after some of the trials you've been through lately.

I am willing to wait with a smile on my face!


@Michael - I do not know if it was smart, just obvious :)
@Sarah - thank you, I feel much better!
@Sush - very sweet of you!

This reminds me of that song 'perfect day' which I am now humming - luckily you can't hear me.
Lanzarote is lovely - I hope you have a fab time there. We have evry happy mamories from our trip there a few years ago.
Love the James Traverse quote - pity I am not very good at silence ;)

@Carol - good Choice for a Song! Happy for Lanzarote! It will Be for surre great!

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