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Some random thoughts collected during my travel day.

Glad there is a business lounge at Frankfurt airport where I could chill before my flight takes off, love the latte there plus they always have nice fresh fruit!

My plane had 80 minutes delay which was minimized in the end at 35 minutes. While waiting I read a fascinating entry on a blog. It deals with the unrests in London, check it out, including the comments, it has a broad approach to the issue!

My companion was a wonderful book called What the Dog Saw by Malcom Gladwell, check this review, it tells you a lot about its creative content.

A visitor from the past on the radio, Nirvana

Wonderful scenary in Estonia, landed while heavy rain was pouring all around and until I reached my hotel, I saw deep blue sky, with fascinating clouds.

Tomorrow is another day, let's see what it brings ...



Just watched the news on the unrest in London. It's really sad isn't it? Some of these looters are just young kids. They have no respect for authority, adults, property etc. It's truly a scary world out there.

Thank you for sharing. Especially the Nirvana song. Brought me back to a lighter time ...:)

@Barb - very sad indeed and I believe we should learn something out of it!
@Jenni - Nirvana is cool right?

Hi Claudia. I like that idea for a post - Travelling Thoughts! Really good idea. As to the riots in London and also other large cities in other areas of the UK, they are not protesting against anything. It is pure criminality and looting. Just look at the ages of some of these young boys. Sometimes I wonder what is happening to my country and, although it's not politically correct to say such a thing, I'm afraid a lot of the trouble is caused by our stand on immigration. We are far too much of a soft touch I'm afraid.

@Diane - it is no easy situation at the moment! I am truly sorry that it is happening in your home country!

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