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Another Wednesday spend in Estonia, with a collection of mixed feelings.

One of my best highlights: I have reached the 100th follower on my blog! Yeah! Thank you all, this is an important milestone and I am very grateful for your support, comments and kind feedback. Thank you.

Another highlight: the amazing nature display in Estonia. For 10 mins heavy rain, then deep blue sky, followed by heavy wind. I think that during the last 6 hours I never got such a mix of weather. Quite fascinating!

On the low part? The fact that another week goes by without me spending 7 days at home, that my meetings are quite frustrating, but in the end all will be well right?

Wishing you all a great Wednesday!



Congratulations on your 100 followers! I hope you get to spend a full week at home soon :)

Way to go on the 100 followers. Your blog is well deserving of lots more too. Here's to getting to spend more time at home!

Wow...100! I can't imagine getting there but it is thrilling! If you must be away I'm glad you are getting some of nature's beauty to enjoy...I hope you get your magical 7 soon...sooner than the magical 100 took.


Wow, way to go Claudia! Many congratulations on reaching 100 Followers. That is quite a milestone my friend, and you deserve every one!

@Sarah - one more travelling week ahead, I am looking forward to the peace!
@Barb - you are so sweet, as always.
@Sush - you will get there too :) Just wait and see!
@Diane - thank you, quite a milestone indeed :)

Claudia, there's an award for you on my blog :)

@Sarah - many thanks!

My mother was in Estonia 6 years ago doing a Norwegian reality show. She said it was beautiful there. Congratulations on your 100th follower!

Hey Claudia, if we lived closer we'd get together and celebrate. Congrats on your 100 followers.

@Sarah - it is indeed a beautiful country, I think you would like it!
@Rick - that will be great! :)

Congratulations on your 100th follower :) Estonia sounds lovely! Hope you get to have some home time soon :)


@Sarah - thanks :)

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