Saturday Walk

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Let the pictures speak!

Such a wonderful blue!

Street lamps!

Ecological street event preparations

The flyer for the ecological event

Taking a break

And another one

Depiction of old town

Books, books

Old townhall

The market (our finds: vegetables, fruits!)

The capuccino!

My next knitting project: a nice winter vest!

Don't you love sunny autumn Saturdays? For sure I do! This afternoon's stop: apple festival!

P.S. This is done for the Saturday Smorgasbord



Hi Claudia,

I have really enjoyed looking at your phogographs this morning.

The sky is wonderful - so blue,
hopefully it will arrive in Ireland soon!

Love the rest areas and the capuccino - I could do with that now!

The wool for the winter vest
is gorgeous, the colours are so earthy and alive.


Have a lovely weekend.

x Fiona

@Fiona - the weather was so amazing today. You did need some warm clothes, since where the sun disappeared it was a bit chilly, but under the sun rays it was simply wonderful. The town is very pretty and the capuccino was so needed :) Let me see if I find a nice hint for the vest! Enjoy your weekend!

Hi Claudia,

Lovely photographs today! Saturday Smorgasbord I like that :) and the coffee looks yummy.

Have a lovely Weekend!


@Eva - thank you, and I also find the idea intriguing :)

Lovely pictures!! Thank you for the wonderful stroll through such a picturesque place!


Wonderful wonderful buildings

very very pretty! Thanks for sharing the pictures, really love the old townhouse :)

Don't you just love it when you stumble upon a small, quaint little bookshop like that? :)

Arnab Majumdar on SribbleFest.com

You live in such a beautiful place. I see the sign says, "No sitting." I find that funny with all the chairs around. Love the art of old town.

@Kathy - yes, it is a lovely corner of this world, but the sun did help painting this great view!
@Sarah - yes, they are!
@Bibi - very attractive indeed!
@Arnab - for sure, plus you always get some nice finds!
@Belle - yes, modern art in the middle of an old town, great idea!

Wonderful photos. That capuccino looks so good. I can almost taste it. And I can't wait to see your finished knitting project. Loved the yarn colors!

@Laura - the vest starts to look great, I cannot wait to finish it!

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