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When Beth posted this weekly theme under the GBE2, namely Balance, I thought how suitable knowing that my astrological sign is Libra, which also has as interpretation the Balance, the equilibrum.

Some of the positive traits of the people born under this sign are: diplomacy, romance, charm, easy going, sociable, peacful, always in search of equality. On the negative side you will find indecision, easy influenced, gullable, flirtacious. A lot of details you will find here.

As my birthday approaches, and for me it is quite a special one, I will 35 years old, and as a colleague of mind told me, I reach the maturity level, thus now my decisions will for sure impact the future, I thought a lot of where I am and where I want to go in the next 35 years (hoping that I will reach 70).

So here we are, at a crossroad, thinking of how I will find my balance in the years ahead. I am grateful that I am healthy, and I wish that will stay like this for a long time, since without health you cannot achieve anything in life. I am grateful for my family, for their support and constant love, and I know that will alawys be able to count on their presence. I am far away from old friends, but with the help of Internet and with persistance, I was able to keep them in my life until now. I wish they will be by my side for years to come, and I am grateful for the new ones I met. I am grateful that I am havng a job I like, and I will for sure keep on developing my skills and knowledge to be more succesful since I believe that the professional side is important for ones's life. I am grateful that I am writing, able to share my thoughts and taking in depths moments.

In the end I am sure that my path so far brought me to a nice plcae and if I will be able to continue it, my happy feeling will be a constant. Yes, I am garteful, the hardships and challenges, did bring balance and my quest will be to keep this equilibrum.



Hi Claudia. Good post, and I'm glad that you are in a good and happy place right now. That's what life is all about really - getting that balance just right. Hope the sun is still shining for you.

35..what a great age..and my beloved dad; he too was a Libra..his BD was Oct 5th..we miss his balanced presence

GREAT BLOG !! as always..love where you take us! MUAH

I am happy that you are happy Claudia.

35 is a lovely age to be
and I hope that you will have a wonderful year.

x Fiona

Being nearer to 35x2, I can honestly say that I've found the second 35 years of life easier and more fulfilling than the 1st 35! Hope you find the same!

This is a great post on balance. I find each year of my life I find more balance. It is so important to learn what is best for our individual balance.....

You seem to me to be a very balanced person, Claudia. You work hard but you know how to relax and enjoy people and life. I also hope you always have good health.

Indeed balance is a good place to be, but it comes and goes as the days and years come and go. I find regaining balance gets a bit easier as I age or maybe, I don't notice the unbalancing so much because the little things that used to drive me over the edge, just don't matter anymore.
I'm glad you are centered now and I really enjoy your posts. :)

Nice reflection on growing older. BTW, I have sox that are older than you :)

This is a wonderful take on balance. I think it is very true that as we age, we definitely find our balance in life, our place, and also what makes us content.


Anonymous says:

Equilibrium is a rocky boat. May your seas be calm and your journeys eventful. Enjoy!

Anonymous says:

Your grateful outlook will certainly help you to maintain healthy balance. *raises glass* Here's to the next 35 years, may they be filled with happiness, love, robust health, and adventure!

Yes you are healthy, mentally and physically. This is an excellent post about balance.

Sounds like everything is hunky dorry. Good for you… and happy 35th birthday.


@Diane - the sun at the moment seems to fade away, but hey this is autumn and rain must come right?
@Brenda - well yes, 35 is a great age, I still have to get use to the number though :)
@Fiona - me too, excited to see where it will take me to!
@Paula - thank you for your comment, I hope that too!
@Laura - yes, for each individual balance means something else!
@Belle - without health you have nothing, so true!
@Jo - most likely with age you get more mature, and you realise which are the worth aspects of life!
@Rick - you do? I would like to see them :)))
@Kathy - thank you for your wonderful feedback!
@Gene - nice metaphor!
@Beth - thank you my dear!
@Langley - thanks!
@Joyce - happy times indeed!

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