The road not taken

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Another challenge for this BFF weekly theme, namely another road not taken, which is strangely enough suiting my current assesment mood, which makes me take a snapshot of my life.

As for the road not taken, I had a very serious discussion with my colleague which announced that he resigned without any prior notice. I tried to explain to him that there are moments in life when the best guide is your inner self, who might tell you if you do a right move or not. I went rather into my personal details since I thought that the power of example might make him think twice. At the same time I told him that it will be his choice, that my attempt is not a manipulation, but rather a helping hand since he is rather young and unexperienced. So the walk on the memory lane, made me revisit some interesting moments in my life.

Until now I only had 3 jobs, so rather loyal right? Between the first and second job, I did feel very often that I need to move, I thought that I have to live new experiences, and I did have my share of offers, one in Belgrade (my inner self said no! and boy was I right! The company went bankrupt in less than one year!), one in York (and despite the great team I knew that somehow I will not fit, and again I was right since I found out at a later stage that my position was disolved in a couple of months), and one in Timisoara as a HR manager but I knew alone that it will not suit my abilities. So what I did? I did wait until I got the one which felt good, and I still think that I made the correct choice. Thus I don't really regret the roads not taken, I just believe that the right moment will come.



There is often a good reason to not take a road! Great examples.

Listening to inner self is often the best road map!

I so agree that listening to your inner self usually works out for the best! Good post my friend.

I always believe things happen for a reason, be them good or bad and you should always listen to your inner voice.

It is always good to take time to think things over. I hope your co-worker makes the right choice.

In today's world, it's best to stay on one road and not wander off the path until the economy improves!

@Jo - indeed, there is a reason, but at the beginning you never know why!
@Sush - yes, but you need to listen right!
@Diane - until now, always!
@Emma - I will for sure do so also in the future!
@Darlene - indeed!

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