I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

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What a wonderful weekly theme!

Friend ... such a great word for a great life companion!

What would I do without friends?

I could not print my boarding pass and have serious problems at the airport. A savior came to my rescue since my printer broke! Thank you D :)

I could wait and wait at the airport in the cold, but I do have a friend to pick us up after our long trip including lost luggage. Thank you T :)

I could not spend an amazing birthday in my home town, sipping Martini Prosecco Cocktail and just giggling. Thank you M :)

I could shop alone and have no fun, but hey! someone is always ready to walk with me and give me honest replies on how a new dress looks on me. Thank you A :)

Life is great with friends.

In the end a friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same.
Elbert Hubbard

P.S. This entry is dedicated to this week's BFF Monday theme!



Anonymous says:

Very nice! Friends really do make life a whole lot sweeter. :O)

@Beth - they do, I feel very lucky indeed!

Lovely! Friends really are so important in our lives, aren't they, and I'm very lucky with mine, including my bloggy friends! So pleased you had a lovely holiday and birthday. Has your luggage arrived home yet?!

Lovely post, Claudia. Hope the missing luggage found its way safely back to you. How did your speech go?

Anonymous says:

Lovely post Claudia! Friends are so important in our life!

Oh Claudia...I think all your friends know how blessed they are to have YOU as their friend, I KNOW I DO! Your holiday sounded divine and I do hope your luggage has found its way to you.
The photo you used is one of my favorite pictures! I have four sisters so I always imagine me standing there with my sibs!

Such a cute song from The Beatles. Friends are important and you are right, it is no fun to shop alone!

Sweet post, life would be dull with out friends.

It sounds like you have some really special friends and it is evident that you value their friendships. That's a beautiful thing!

Yep friends make the world go round! Good job, nice tribute.

@Diane - luggage recovered, on the way to Estonia today!
@Desiree - the speech was fine, I think it was appreciated
@Eva - so true!
@Sush - such lovely words, many thanks!
@Belle - I tend to avoid shopping alone, no fun indeed!
@Luan - indeed!
@Darlene - I do value their presence in my life that is true!
@Jo - thank you!

Friends are the family you choose :-)

@Sarah - so true!

Friends are priceless!! Friends have helped me when family wouldn't. I cherish them. Love this post!

What a wonderful post to your buddies. What would we do without them. Happy to be your online buddy....

@Barb - priceless indeed! And you have helped many as well.
@Laura - thank you for being my buddy :)

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