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So many nights I've heard the rain,
Have heard matter weeping ...
I am alone, my mind is drawn
Towards lacustrine dwellings.

As though I slept on wet boards,
A wave will slap me in the back -
I start from sleep, and it seems
I haven't drawn the bridge from the bank.
A void of history extends,
I find myself in the same times ...
And sense how through so much rain
The heavy timber stilts are tumbling.

So many nights I've heard the rain,
Always starting, always waiting ...
I am alone, my mind is drawn
Towards lacustrine dwellings ...

Lacustine by George Bacovia (Romanian poet)

Rain keeps on falling down in Estonia, and to quote one of of my colleagues: it is better rain than cold! Well, that is a view for sure on this wet environment.

Sometimes I wonder if I am weather sensitive, but I am not feeling any pain or discomfort, it is just that weather does influence a bit my mood. With rain I become more melancolic, I do miss the sun, the light, plus it does not help that in Estonia you have daylight only between 7am and 5pm.

But you know what amazes me each time? The amazing clarity which comes after the rain, as if the sky has cleared its eyes and looks down with much more intensity.

P.S. This entry is done under the inspiration of this week's GBE2 theme, Clarity!



Claudia, I love what your wrote at the end....the clarity after the rain as if the sky has cleared its eyes...

That's a lovely way to think of rain!

That last picture is amazing. Did you take it?

@Sush - it is and during the last 3 days I had the chance of experiencing this clarity many times!
@Sarah - it is indeed amazing but I did not take it, if you click on it you will end up on its source!

went to click on a reaction and it wouldn't let me check it..:( and WOW that poem was amazing; thought you wrote it! (but even if you didn't its still ok) hehe

LOVE THE PICTURE you painted with your words (and the others too) i always look fwd to reading your posts..its like food for me! MUAH

Great post Claudia.

The last photo is great.

I'm not too keen on rain
but maybe that's because I seem to be swimming in it!

Have a great weekend.

x Fiona

@Brenda - the poem was very nice indeed!
@Fiona - well I can truly understand :)

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There really is an awesome clarity after a good rain. The world even smells fresh and bright once the sun comes back out. :O)

@Anonymous - thank you for dropping by!
@Beth - so true!

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