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Luan, one of my dearest followers has a great idea, each month she features a fellow blogger and guess what? November belongs to me. I AM SO THRILLED.

The post can be found here

I was so amazed for her introduction

'Claudia is such a positive person who always looks on the bright side of life. Her blog is guaranteed to get you thinking more positive and her stories make you put your life into perspective on so many different levels.'

Thank you Luan, it was a pleasure to answer your questions and also to get such lovely words from you.

P.S. Funnily enough this fits this weekly BFF theme, called What am I thankful for, and trust me I am :)



Aw that's wonderful! You totally deserve it, though. :-)

@Misha - so sweet thank you!

I didn't recognize the name, Luan, but I certainly recognized Green Tea and Cupcakes when I popped over to read the post. Good answers there, and I feel that we've got to know you a bit better, which is always good.

@Diane - thank you my dear!

Wishing you a lovely evening, sweet Claudia, and a great new week. We are covered by so much fog! xx

I don't know her, but I'm going to read now...


Hi Claudia, thanks for your comment, I tried to reply but it went to "no-reply" :-(

Anyway, I can't believe you're popping to London for 11 hours only? How fab, how short, haha. Let me know if you need any advice, help or anything else. Enjoy your stay xo

Oh, this is a wonderful, but very true accolade! I am delighted for you :)

How wonderful for you!

That is so nice. And every word is so true!!!

You are so positive and kind. Congratulations!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and I guess we're never too old to learn to slow down and be careful, like Mom used to say! he,he

Claudia, I don't know why you're amazed. I think that's a perfect description of you and your blog :-)

I'm going right over to read it! You are a positive person and it is always a joy to read your blog.

@Saskia - Germany is blessed with amazing sunny weather, but yesterday London was very grey :(
@Darlene - thank you!
@Mlle Poirot - thank you for your suggestions, in the end we just found a small Italian restaurant on Brompton Road and it was OK!
@Desiree - so sweet of you!
@Laura - :)
@Barb - I was very happy!
@Kathy - I hope you both feel better!
@Sarah - thank you!
@Belle - I also love your blog!

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