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A Christmas tree! A Christmas tree!
With dark green needled memories
Of childhood dreams and mysteries
Wrapped present-like in front of me.

A Christmas tree! A Christmas tree!
I glimpse a past wherein i see
The child that then grew into me
Not forward fast but haltingly.

A Christmas tree! A Christmas tree!
A time for being with family
A time that's gone so fleetingly
Yet lives for always deep in me.

A Christmas tree! A Christmas tree!
When twelfth night comes whole hauntingly
One lingered look and then i see
No Christmas tree where it would be.

A Christmas tree! A Christmas tree!
With feelings now felt longingly
No corner in my house to see
The magic of that Christmas tree.

by David Keig

When this week's theme was announced under The Writers' Post, my immediate thought was Christmas Tree. This is what brings the whole family together, we love to share ideas about decorations (I try to bring an extra thing each year, by having a different theme like blue and white, or multicolour), we gather around the tree to sing carols.

I cannot wait, one more week since we always start decorating the tree at Christmas Eve!



Awesomeness!! Thanks for sharing!

Cheers, Jenn

@Jenn - I am glad I had the opportunity!

Sounds like fun. I so wish my family (siblings and mother) were closer than we are. I miss the days when we would get together. But, it's not meant to be. So I enjoy it through my blog friends. Nice post. Hope you're feeling better!

My tree is up and decorated nearly a week. The outside of the house however has not a single light

I love decorating the Christmas tree but I could never wait until Christmas Eve!

That poem is absolutely haunting. Thank you for sharing that.
Christmas Eve? Seriously? Such self-discipline!

I get a kick out of the Christmas Eve tradition to decorate your tree! My frugal Mother did this for years. The only reason being she could find trees on sale BIG TIME on Christmas Eve or just before. We had some doozies, let me tell you! Eventually we got her to purchase them earlier in the season, but I think she missed the thrill of the hunt. We would decorate the tree on Christmas Eve and then go to bed to wake up to all the goodies. I think she must have been one very tired Momma!

Hi Claudia. Super poem about the Christmas tree. Like Gawgus, I couldn't wait until Christmas Eve, but I'm sure you will appreciate it all even more when the tree does go up. I can remember when I was a little girl, and the tree never used to go up until Christmas Eve. It was all so magical!

@Barb - yes, you have a wonderful lovely blogging family and that is great as well!
@Baygirl - good for you, maybe one day I will create a new tradition, who knows?
@Emma - well, it is part of our family's tradition and we stick to it, even if it is hard!
@Jo - yes, I found it by chance, and it is very special!
@Sush - well, my mom will buy the tree tomorrow but it will rest on the balcony till we will decorate it. I cannot wait to see it.
@Diane - yes, exactly that, you associate magic with the decorating!

I've gotten several beautiful ornaments and Christmas decorations over the years from students. Although I do not have a Christmas tree, I have a beautiful classroom around this time of year.


I love your tree. It's beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Your tree is absolutely gorgeous! I love the poem too.


@Joyce - I believe your classroom looks great!
@Suzy - thank you!
@Kathy - I am glad you liked my post!

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