Truth to be told

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Truth to be told I am blessed! Today I am feeling very grateful, so full of energy, mentally strong after a lovely holiday (7 full days spend with my darling husband) and ready to enjoy the winter holiday (probably while ignoring the heavy rain and grey weather covering Germany for the next days).

And now you migh wonder why do I feel blessed?

Some thoughts come into my mind:

- I'm healthy (well the cough and throat pain I just consider as a 'gift' given by the air conditioning in the plane)
- I'm loved and the feeling is present each second (due to Peter, mom, family, friends ...)
- I love and this ability is simply wonderful
- I can work and earn my own money
- I am travelling more than the average person which gives me the opportunity to experience so many new places and people (even if for some this seems tiresome!)
- I am planning to bake many many cookies for Christmas holiday and also to give as presents (please don't tell my friends OK?) together with my friend Johanna and her two lovely children
- I enjoy the comforting atmosphere at home, while Peter is working in the background and I simply write
- and yes I am able to write!

Truth to be told I am lucky right?

Happy Sunday, I'm off to enjoy my tea with lemon and honey. Life is good!



Lovely to see such a positive post this evening, Claudia. You ARE lucky and have so many blessings in your life. I hope your sore throat and cough don't hang around for too long. Keep warm!

@Diane - I feel very lucky tonight and the cold will fade away, I'm sure :)

I love that you feel so lucky! Me, too and I think waking up on top of the grass (or snow, as the case may be) is a great thing! ♥ so glad you're back. And that's the truth!

Another beautiful positive post that gets you thinking X

Anonymous says:

Yes, it sounds to me like you are a very lucky woman!

I like how you count your blessings in this post. Very timely!

so happy you were able to take that vacation with your hubby!! AWESOME!! AND YOUR CHEERFUL HEART will see you through all those rains! hehe love this!

It is always good to count the good things in our lives and realize how lucky we are. Good for you.

Glad you had a nice trip with your hubby. Those special times are to be cherished.

@Jo - well I am lucky! Glad to be back, the blogging world is very important to me!
@Luan - then I achieved my goal!
@KAT - well I most likely am very lucky!
@Kristen - indeed, you are right with the timing!
@Brenda - love your enthusiasm!
@Belle - true!
@Angela - very lovely times indeed!

Anonymous says:

You are very lucky. Well-deserving, too. ♥

Anonymous says:

Your life is indeed good!

Yes You Are!


@Beth - well I know I'm lucky :)
@Beachlover - giving my best each day!
@Joyce - thank you :)

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