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Sonnet #1
The days are darker with eyes open wide
I often close them in hopes of escape
For is seems my dreams are the only place to hide
Even then the angels begin to change shape
There is no good and evil
Only a lust for power
Greed will change people
True colors are shown in the darkest hour
The weight of the world has took its toll on my soul
I’m no longer the boy i used to be
“All that shines is not gold”
Has never meant more to me-
There’s nothing to believe in
Gone are the hearts of men
by William Shakespeare

Is ambition a way of anspiring to climb as high as you can? Of being the best you can be? Of achieving your dreams? Or is ambition only the drive within you which enables you to stay focused on your dreams? Is ambition related only to power, wealth and / or fame? In the end is ambition a positive or negative desire?

I guess like anything in life it depends on how you season it! If you take too much you most likely end up in being too eager, if you take too little you never try to grow.

Ambition is basically an instinct. No matter what background or age you are, you are surely ambitious in any way. This eagerness is a driving force for both individuals and society, since we set our goals and try to achieve them by being ambitious. Sometimes trying to reach our goals is a risky undertaking but only through this we find our talents, we become mature and we progress.

What is my ambition? To live as much as possible of what I dream with my eyes open, to enjoy life at its fullest and to make a mark in my environment as little as it may be. But somehow I never see my dreams as belonging only to me, since I see myself as part of a group, a circle (family, friends, work) and in the end they are a vital important part of my life. Plus I find my motivation, my reminder, my stability within this circle, you keep on walking since you feel backed up.

What about your ambition?



Claudia...a real mindful post today. I love what you said about your ambition. To live as much as possible of what I dream with my eyes open. Well yes that would be how I would like to live as well!
Always you push my mind to a higher place of thinking!

Great take on ambition!! I too want "to live as much as possible of what I dream with my eyes wide open". Excellent way of summing it up!! Thanks for hopping along :)


Great post today Claudia. "to live as much as possible of what I dream with my eyes wide open" is such a wonderful statement.

Another great post Claudia, you are like my motivational guru.

I finally figured out how to find comments on your blog when it doesn't show up on my page. I hit links and got here!

I think some ambition is good, as long as we don't go overboard. I guess in my older years my ambition is to do everything with love. I don't always achieve this, but it is my goal.

That's a "big" post. Big in the sense of a big question which isn't always easy to answer. I throughout life my ambition has kept changing because my goals have changed. I think for me it simply means that I want to achieve the best I can...hmmm...

Thanks for all of your lovely comments on my blog, I really appreciate that you keep reading even if I struggle to always answer. Love from London xo

Great take on the subject. For me, ambition is just the desire to do or be something more than you are. Some just don't want to be anything more than what they are, so they lack ambition. Me? Oh, I want it all! lol

@Sush - thank you for your sweet words, I am very humbled by the fact that I make you think, I hope I will never stop doing that!
@Jenn - I always write happily for the Writers' Post, it is always fun!
@Diane - I did not know what an impact my words would make, I am impressed to be honest.
@Luan - now you make me blush :)
@Belle - actually I believe you do!
@Mlle Poirot - well your blog is always fun to read, and I am always present there!
@Jo - thank you for being here!

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