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This is what my husband saw today while walking in the botanical garden and this is what greats me each morning while brushing my teeth! Happy?Yes! More words? Not needed!



Beautiful lady!

Yes! You look very happy!

@Barb - you are so sweet, thank you!
@Darlene - thought so :)

Your smile lights up your face.

@Sarah - the botanical garden was amazing, loved walking around :)

Lovely sun glasses! Very chic madame!

@Sofia - merci, I chose happy colours!

Anonymous says:

Sweet and simple! Love it!

Enjoy your day...

@Beachlover - sometimes keep it simple is the best!

very cute! you look happy. what a nice refection to see.... :)

@Danneromero - yes, my husband :)


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Thank you!

What a lovely little post - really made me smile. Your continuing happiness is very infectious!! Beautiful photo - love the shades and the scarf. Magnolia blossom is so pretty, just like the lady beside it!

@Mandy - sure I am, I did send you an email, thanks!
@Diane - thank you, I do try to wear some bright colours in the spring!

You are lovely...and look very happy!

Your a little cutie :)

You really have a gorgeous smile. I hope you print this picture, frame it and keep it out in your house as a happy memory!

No words needed when a smile says it all!

Anonymous says:

Short and sweet, what could be better. Beautiful picture and beautiful lady!

You look so happy and pretty!

@Laura - thank you very kind of you!
@Luan - oh, blushing now!
@Amy - that is a great idea and I think I will do just that!
@Dances with Vodka - thought so too!
@KAT - thank you so much!
@Belle - do I? I am very happy at the moment indeed

My wife does the same thing: She will lean in by the flowers for a picture as if they were her sisters! But she doesn't often put her sunglasses and scarf on when she's brushing her teeth in the morning. Very curious.

@Mike - finally someone who noticed my little joke :) and btw I will tell you once a little secret in respect to my sunglasses :) soon!

So pretty!

Great smile! :)

I love seeing your husband in your eyes! They do apparently adore him. The smile tells me you are adored in return.

And the sunglasses whiles teeth brushing is a bit over the top, but hey you're in Europe, so I don't know the customs there! Scarf and sunglasses? Okay.

Love the big smile! You look very happy!

Beautiful - you and the flowers!

You do look happy! Such a pretty smile!


@Jennifer - thank you!
@Jenn & Casey - I had good reasons to smile!
@Jo - yes, the sunglasses are very special, one day I will tell a funny story about them!
@Anna - I am, feeling very thankful and lucky.
@Corinne - the flowers are amazing, love spring!
@Kathy - thanks!

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