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Monday, the day before a four days trip to Estonia, a hectic day with so many small and big tasks to be solved prior to my departure. With such a loaded working program no wonder I started thinking of this week's GBE 2 theme, TIME. 

For me time is a precious resource, which became very valuable lately. I spend a lot of my professional life on business trips (if I think back in 2011 I had around 60 flights only for business!!!) thus I have learned that I should not waste it. 

Time management is key for me, it is a skill that helps me to keep a comfortable level of control in my work, and to minimize my stress level.

Having this hectic schedule requires a lot of planning and with time :) I did learn how to apply some tricks, below some of them: 

  • Keep a TO DO LIST and on a regular basis take the time to tick what you have done, it will bring satisfaction and a bit of motivation for the remaining items
  • Set up some goals, for the week, for the month, for the year. If you know what you want to achieve it will help you focus.
  • Prioritize, learn how to classify issues as important or not relevant. Sometimes we spend too much time on the not so important items and loose the big picture.
  • Manage interruptions effectively. Each day I get calls which actually do not bring any added value to my current problems, but I have learned how to use them. Even small talk brings you some good points which might be used a later stage. People remember if you are nice and friendly, take the time, it will pay!
  • DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. Yeah I know, easy said hard to do.  What helps is to draft an action plan, to break your activities in small manageable steps. Again if you achieve a small step it will give you a great feeling of achievement and then you will look at the next with more enthusiasm!
  •  Learn to say NO, my biggest issue at the moment. No lessons from me, just my personal goal!
  • Relax from time to time, no point is being under pressure all the time
  • Allocate the tasks according to your day's schedule. I for example am a morning person, I love to be in the office starting 7am since for 2 hours I will not get any important calls, will not attend any meetings, thus I will be able to do some work, under quiet conditions. If you are a late afternoon person no point in being at 7am at work right?
In the end I will leave you with my thoughts and with one of my favorite songs.



All great points! Procrastination has been the sneaker of my time in years past - and something I am not allowing to control it any more!

Claudia..good points! Sometimes we fritter away our time on the unimportant stuff. I appreciate that reminder.

In the end, all we have is time. What we do with it determines who we are. This is a very well done plan and I somehow believe you'll make it work for you. Busy girl with a plan! Oh yeah.

@Plain Jane - it is not easy not right? :) I can understand!
@Kay - we do, I am glad I helped just a bit!
@Jo - well yes, busy wraps it up :)

Great points the one I am really, really bad at is procrasinating.

@Luan - seems you are not the only one :)

Excellent! I practiced all of these tips except I am not a morning person, but stayed in the office late. Otherwise, I would never have been able to handle the job I had in state govt. It was complicated and stressful. I worked so hard that when I left my last 3 positions, duties had to be taken away from the people who worked in my position after I was promoted and, finally, when I retired. Many people said they didn't know how I did so much work, but you know because you are doing the same things I did for 36 years!

@Darlene - I agree that someone's value is not appreciated unless that person is gone. And I am sure you did a lot!

A helpful list indeed! My only suggestion is to add at the top of each list "Make to-do list"... then you can start crossing things off as quickly as you get it done. I know it sounds silly, but it really can make you feel more accomplished :-)

I love that song by Cyndi Lauper - one of my faces. This is a fabulous list, Claudia. I am a very organized person and these kinds of things keep me sane.

Some excellent advice here!

I used to be a professional organizer, and the one thing every client wanted was more time. Organization is the key to finding time in your life.

Great advice. I especially think getting to work early so you won't be interrupted is a great use of time.

Such good advice and reminders... Now to do it! :-) !

Anonymous says:

I taught my kids young that "No." is a complete sentence and that they didn't need to explain themselves when they thought it was best to decline something. I think it has served them--especially the girls--very well.

Learning to say No is a big one for me too. I always want to help out--and this can be really draining. Great post!! I love that song (I almost used it for mine--but went with Whitney instead!)

Cheers, Jenn

So true .We are like that :).

These are such good tips and I really am trying to abide by ones just like this for my Happiness Project ;)


I agree with the others, Claudia. You really have given us some excellent tips there, and I am definitely going to take several of them on board. Especially numbers 1 and 2, AND the procrastinate one. I can procrastinate for England! LOL!!

@November - that is a brilliant idea :)
@Karen - yes being organised saves a lot of trouble!
@Dances with vodka - thank you
@Sharon - I bet you have some nice tips to share!
@Belle - yes plus you can sometimes leave earlier :)
@Kathi - the hard part for sure
@Beth - a very valuable lesson
@Jenny - Whitney was also on my list, funny how we sometimes think alike
@Izdiher :)
@Emma - how is it going?
@Diane - I don't believe that, not for England :)

Great points! So easy to overcommit when you can't say no. Thanks for the reminders!

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@Anna - always welcome!

Good advice, but now I'm retired I can treat myself to times of doing absolutely nothing!

I hope your plans work!! I have been working on saying NO myself. So far so good!

@Paula - being retired sounds amazing!
@Jenn & Casey - good job!

I adore that song, always have. Ah... procrastination... something I'm good at... I'll put off thinking about that, maybe til tomorrow *wink* As always, an excellent take on the topic, my friend :o)

Time After Time - brilliant song choice. :-)

Procrastination is the big time stealer for a lot of people. Especially if you're a writer - somebody smart whose name escapes me, said "You can revise crap. You can't revise a blank page." Done is better than perfect, especially if perfect means never begun.

@M - a greatone indeed
@Gill - I guess we all do our best to avoid procrastinating!
@Beverly - well you are right, for writers it is very hard, I agree!

Some great points here especially on procrastination. Edward Young put it nicely .. "Procrastination is the thief of time". Thanks for visiting my blog.

@suzy - thank you for coming around ;)


do you still like flying? I LOVE it...an adventure! Yet 60 x humm that might kill it for me, time to meet superman.....WOOOOoooooooosh translate time and have fun DOIN it baybay :0)

adored this..and you

@Brenda - you are so funny :)

Learn to say no....yes...I am working on that. And I like Bth's point about it being a complete sentence! Great thoughts Gals!

Also love your statement about surrounding ourselves with positive people. Why do we put up with drama?

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