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“The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.”
by Donald Kendall

A very suitable theme for this week's GBE2 post, work, why? Well, just started my new working year, manic Monday indeed. I will not mention the high number of emails, I will not consider the long list of travels ahead (might even land in India!!), I will not focus on my long to do list. And you know why? Cos I actually like my job, I did look forward to get back, to be active, to see my colleagues, to have a nice cup of coffee at 7am with some nice coworkers, to discuss with my team.

You go to work five days a week, thus for the most part, your job is your life. If you have a job that you dread going to every morning, sooner or later it will catch up with you and force you to make a change, therefore it does help to actually like your job.

Some time ago I found this graph and thought well, lucky me, I do rock :)

I am blessed of having a job which I like, where I am appreciated, and my quest of success is on the right track (I hope!). Sometimes it helps to ponder and realise that life is good!



How very creative. Love this.

@Laura - thank you :)

Happy happy New Year, sweet Claudia xx

@Saskia - many thanks!

Heheh.. Love the chart Claudia! It reminds me that perspective has a great deal of input on the type of life we are living! I'm at the "love" part of my work, and grateful for it!

@K - well indeed, the perspective is the key!

Hi Claudia. I agree - if you have a job that you enjoy, then that is a blessing indeed. I'm glad you enjoy your work, but try not to overdo it!! Take care my friend.

@Diane - I will do my best to remember to rest as well!

I too love my job, and am able to express myself creatively. Thanks for stopping by my blog. My grandparents came from Germany and I feel connected when i hear form YOU.
I am low key sometimes, high strung sometimes. As soft-spoken, as I am wild and crazy and I talk
too fast when I get excited or have something to share. Wouldn't it be nice to really meet in person? One never knows what life has in store. Do you ever travel to the Midwest US?

I agree, it is important to love your job. My hubby loves his and I'm glad for him.

Spending our days doing things we love is a wonderful way to live! It's worth the effort to find that niche :)

I love this post...the song,the graph! You are lucky to have a job you love! Happy New Year!

Anonymous says:

What a blessing to have a job that you truly enjoy. Not a lot of people are that lucky.

Too bad that with today's economic climate more people feel stuck in jobs they hate because they fear becoming unemployed. It's great that you actually like your job.

@Linda - yes, you truly love your job, I can tell from your posts. I would love to meet, maybe one day. Who knows maybe you'll come around to Europe?
@Belle - I am very fortunate indeed!
@Joanne - so true!
@Anna - Happy New Year indeed!
@KAT - I am aware of that
@Steven - you are so right!

You're very lucky to love your job. Great post!

I don't know what your job is, but people contact and lots of travel sounds like fun work. Love your blog!

Anonymous says:


@Jennifer - yes I am!
@Darlene - thank you, very sweet!
@Beth - well you do first :)

Anonymous says:

"Love it!" Great graph and its wonderful to see someone be proud of themselves!

Enjoy your work week!

@Beachlover - thank you and I am, very quiet at the moment!

Love that you love your job. You are a happier person because of that. :D

Great to see you love your job. Thanks for visiting my blog. Happy 2012.

Danneromero - very true!
@Suzy - happy new year as well!

You are indeed blessed to love your job. In my varied careers, I loved some and hated some and the hated ones were horrible to go to everyday. Enjoy your travels.

Your schedule never ceases to amaze me. How you keep up I will never know! But I am glad you actually enjoy it. Wouldn't bear thinking about if you didn't.

@Pbquig - I am blessed and to be honest love to travel.
@Gil - at times it is rather stressful, but in the end I am full of energy as you know :-)

I do love my job!! I know what it is like to do something for a living that you love. Great post :)

Oh, I LOVED The Bangles! Especially that song :o) It is so nice to hear you truly love your job...Not everyone can say that, as your graph shows, so that's great! Thankyou for a very positive, happy post :o) Coming here via GBE 2 :o)

@Jenn - well you also like your job don't you?
@Chantell - welcome! I am pleased that you enjoyed my post!

oh wow
i can't wait to read more of your blogs this year!

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