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Waking up this morning I faced a foggy wet winter weather, not very inviting and for sure not bringing any immediate smile on your face! So here I was in front of a decision: either I will let the weather influence my mood or I will simply try to make the best out of it and have a lovely Saturday!

And we did decide: off to Frankfurt, but not before I went green! I chose clothes and accessories in a powerful green in order to bring a little bit of brightness and positive approach from within! 
Our quest? To find a slow cooker, I am fascinated by the multitude of recipes, plus it is so practical especially when we are both so often working late! But no luck, Germany did not adopt this trend yet, the only one which I found was worth a fortune, so I guess I will revert to Amazon!

But our day still had its magic waiting for us, a light lunch at the Jumeirah Hotel Coffee House. What an atmosphere, lovely service, great dishes (I did not resist and took a carrot ginger soup, Peter went for salmon wraps), plus the amazing spring Darjeeling tea. Pure luxury!

And now you might ask? I will fill the house with baking smells and aromas. Sofia (one of my newest followers) tempted me with a nice post about cinnamon buns, so guess what I will try now? Plus some butter cheese buns as well, I am still in the mood for a nice cup of tea with a smile on the side!

Happy Saturday!



Hi Claudia,

Your day sounds great.

I saw the lovely cinnamon buns that Sofia did and wanted the lot!

I have a slow cooker bought it for €25 in Aldi
it is great especially if you are working
I hope you get one.

Enjoy the rest of your day.


@Fiona - at Aldi honest? Well I should start looking there as well, thanks for the tip!

What a beautiful restaurant! I'm glad you didn't let the weather spoil your day.

@Belle - it was luxurious, simple gorgeous!

Claudia those pictures sooooo spoke to me !! beautiful!!! I just got a slow cooker last week and I cant wait to use it.. They have some awesom recipes on Pinterest!!! check it out :)

Anonymous says:

Claudia, please stop by my blog and pick up the award I left for you. I love your blog.


Slow cookers are brilliant I mostly use it for cooking roasts while Im at work. I hope you find one.

It sounds like a wonderful day after all. Hope you are able to find a slow cooker. They are great!

Sounds like a lovely day despite the gloomy start. Mine started sunny and unusually warm and ended with sprinkles and clouds.



@Jenni - I know that Pinterest is a good source, how do you think I came up with the idea? :)
@KAT - thank you, very sweet of you!
@Luan - I will keep on looking for one!
@Laura - yes, I had a quiet day, sometimes you need it!
@Susan - this morning we have a bright sunny day, might take a walk with our dog!
@Izdiher - thank you, you too!

I love that first shot - so atmospheric! We stayed at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai - I wonder if it's the same group?

@Emma - yes it is the same group, lovely hotels!

It sounds like you had a wonderful tea and did not let the weather let you down. The Hotel Coffee House looks like a great place to relax and enjoy some awesome tea and sweets. Have a great Sunday!

@Heidi - thank you, a wonderful Sunday so far!

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