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I am not an English teacher, but during my high school and university I gave English and Math lessons to pupils with age between 10 and 16. It was a great way to earn some pocket money, to keep my mind fit and also I believe that it helped immensely my way of communicating. I had some great students, I am proud of all of them, and today I found out that one of them is studying in Frankfurt for her doctorate in medicine. She came to me with no enhusiasm towards Math and in the end after 4 years spend together she was not bad at all! Funnily enough, in Germany I continue my odysee to teach English, this time for the daughter of a friend, who come to me prior to a test in order to tune her grammar. She is smart but cannot focus, so most of my time is spend in getting her attention towards the exercises, and that is a complicated task. Any hints how to catch a 10 year old attention? That is my Saturday so far, a walk into town with my husband, some cooking (chili con carne), some teaching and now some reading. How about you?



wow so sweet.

have a good weekend.

I'm catching up on some much needed housework. As for your student, perhaps she could choose a book or magazine you could use as a study aid?

@Izdiher - you as well!
@Sarah - good idea, thanks!

wow such a great reward to reap..see the seeds you planted BLOSSOM

make it FUN always for a 10 year old...she will remember the joy

For the student: Perhaps an English TV show or movie on DVD you could stop and start. When I was learning Spanish, I wrote little poems and songs in order to learn and remember. I made up words to the tune of 'Mary Had a Little Lamb' etc.

I bought hubby McDonald's breakfast this morning and tonight I am taking my mother and her friend to bingo. Just reading blogs and drawing cartoons during the day. Hugs to you.

Did the dishes and the laundry, now I am reading and writing, and listening to Amy Roloff on Little Big Talk this am.

@Brenda - fun for sure, I am trying :)
@Belle - thanks for the tips, and greeting to your mom, have fun I am sure you will have some nice experience!
@Susan - enjoy :)

It's so rewarding to teach/mentor someone and see them down the road being successful. That is so awesome. Enjoy your weekend. Turned colder here this weekend so just staying warm inside!! Hugs

Anonymous says:

This comic is hysterical! I love it! I can't help but proofread much of the stuff I read too! Your 10 year old student...hmmm. Take the first ten minutes of teaching time to talk about her and her interests or what happened during her week. Maybe it will help her to stay more interested in everything you're trying to teach her. Just an idea ...;) I just have found that the more I stop and look at my kids square in the eye and listen to what they're talking about and being interested (asking questions and such), the more they 'want' to listen to me. We're also in for a cold spell here in Monterey, Ca. Stay warm!

That comic you chose is hilarious! I am not even a retired English teacher, but you can bet I would get arrested for correcting the grammar because seeing that would drive me nuts. LOL


Great post. You should be proud of the teaching legacy

@Barb - we have spring just around the corner, yesterday a gorgeous warm sun! Today not so brilliant. And yes I agree, mentoring is rewarding.
@Beachlover - thank you for your tip, good ideas, I will try next time.
@Kathy - it was indeed hilarious, ou know I like cartoons :)
@Laura - yes, I loved teaching, maybe one day ...

Hi there!
I teach English here in Brazil, and I've taught some 10 year old students... And mostly, they love music and games, so if you can teach her through them, it'd be great. Though it's not always easy to do so.

@ReAkemiH - welcome my newest follower, thank you for the tips, next time I will try to embed them in my lesson!

That is so special to hear that something you did had such a wonderful affect on your pupil. Just goes to show that we never really know how much of an impact we might have on the lives of others.

This made me laugh so hard it took me 5 minutes to settle down enough to type! I am keeping this one.. .hehehhehehhe... thanks for the wonderful laugh!

awww...bless her heart! that's funny! Pretty good Saturday for you, I'd say.
It was cold here in Michigan and I stayed in all day. Read a bunch of blogs and wrote one.

@Darlene - yes, plus I love to teach and train and I guess that comes over in a good way!
@November Rain - you are funny :)
@Jo - we have a grey warm weather at the moment - happy week!

Games & Challenges with rewards - Plus topics that are interesting for 10 year olds. For example, pretending she's casting on DSDS and wonder-of-wonders, Dieter Bohlen can only speak English. What would she say? Can she sing a whole song with English text only?

@Weissdorn - oh dear me, then she will never want to focus on real classes :)

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