Tasty Tuesday - Quinoa Risotto with Zucchini and Salmon

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Ingredients for 2 people:
120 gr quinoa 
250 ml chicken broth
1 zucchini
1 white onion
2 small pieces of smoked salmon
75 gr parmesan
salt, pepper, olive oil
a bit of butter

How to:
Add a bit of olive oil in the pan, then the onions and let them glaze a bit followed by the small pieces of smoked salmon. Then add the quinoa and after that a very long process starts, by adding the chicken broth step by step in order to cook the grains. Almost at the end add the small pieces of zucchini and the parmesan. Before taking it off the heat add the butter et voila! Enjoy! We had it simple like this and add it in a flash. 

Some small comments in respect to quinoa - the grains contain essential amino acids like lysine and good quantities of calcium, phosphorus, and iron, so a good reason to add it on the menu!




my mouth is watering.

It sounds yummy.

Another lovely recipe. Thank you.

x Fiona

Looks lovely! I love risotto!

This looks and sounds delicious! i have so much zucchini in the summer, i save every recipe where it is included! Thank you!!
I am your newest follower.pls follow back if you can.

Hello Claudia,
Nice blog you have! I especially like your photos on Wordless Wednesdays.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and your 'confession' that you are also a yarn addict.
In my turn I keep an eye on your blog:) Nice 'meeting' you!

Stopping by from the Grow your blog {blog Hop}! http://queenofsavings.com

@Fiona - I am a big fan of quinoa, very yummy!
@Sofia - me too, very nice!
@Momto8 - thank you, I am also following!
@Elisabeth - knitting is my favorite relaxing activity!
@Justine - welcome!

Well I guess I know what to make for Ash Wednesday! Yum! Forgive me if I change the salmon to tuna?

@Sush - I am happy if you consider this as useful :) enjoy!

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