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“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” 
by Oprah Winfrey

Sometimes there are words which just fit the mood, the day, the moment. Energy is this week's theme for The Writers' Post and it is the one thing which I miss, energy. I had some very hard days behind me, long working hours, very intense and my energy levels are dropping. I can feel it, but I cannot fight it. It may well be that it is linked with springtime, but it could only be that I am tired and that is that. Still, I have some tricks which do help to preserve even my low levels of energy.

The first you all know by now, even if I actually think that is actually does not help much, but my body is so used to caffeine that if I would not drink my 6 cups a day my brain will miss them.
Then I usually try to cook each evening, it relaxes my mind, I create something delicious (at least I hope so) and I have a reason to share my thoughts with my husband in a nice atmosphere. My plan for tonight is the following:
Recipe from here

On a lovely sunny day like today I go for a small walk, just to enjoy the nature, the blue sky, the fresh air, the early blossoms.
And one important activity, not be forgotten, sleep. When I am like this I tend to go early to bed, my opinion is if the body tells you to rest, then you better listen!
Any ideas you would like to share with me in order to get an energy boost? Happy Thursday and do not forget - Happy Woman's Day in many countries of this world, including Romania!

P.S. Just wanted to press post and what do I see? A sudden storm outside, this for sure brings some energy in my bones!



It sounds like you need a quick burst of energy. If I find some, I will share. :D Great post!


@Kathy - oh yes, do send me some, thanks!

Dancing around my living room sometimes does it for me. Anything to shift the energy. Movement just helps me do that.

Hi Claudia. I do hope that your energy levels are restored soon. I agree with Karen - sometimes I play some favourite music really loudly (but then I don't have any neighbours. Only animals in the fields!) and have a good old jig around. It's not nice when you feel tired. Sleeping sounds like the best bet to me, but I like the things you do to help you relax. Take care.

Oh, I have to try this recipe!

Maybe you need a day of rest and relaxation--so you can regain your energy!! Hoping you find some soon :D Cheers, Jenn

All those things would add up to a wonderfully lovely day!

@Karen - fully agree with you, if you just sit you get very tired!
@Diane - lucky you, I cannot do that I'm afraid :)
@Izdiher - in the end I did
@Sofia - please do, it was so delicious!
@Jenn - could be, just one day to relax might do the trick!
@Kathi - in the end they did, the evening was very nice!

Oh my goodness glory, I went to the recipe and I think I'm in love. It was all I could do to keep from lickin' the computer screen. MMmmmmm!!!

I swear I had more time when I had children livin' at home even with all their activities than I do today.

My spare time is a runnin' joke here 'round the Ponderosa. Energy??? I think we all just remain of overworked and wore out we can't build any! Heeehehehe!

God bless ya and have a bright and beautiful weekend rechargin' your batteries!!! :o)

I hope you manage to grab a lazy day at the weekend :-)

My energy seems to come and go, and I have clue how it happens. When it's here, I jump on it and when it's not, I muddle along the best I can. Music helps some, and maybe doing something I love.

Rest up and enjoy your weekend!

Cindy :)

Anonymous says:

Music always energizes me; I used to have a 'morning' playlist that really woke me up. What's your favorite song?

I also unwind and feel refreshed from cooking and taking walks, great ideas!

Anonymous says:

Sometimes I find that drinking a glass of water helps to perk me up. I've been told that for every cup or glass of caffeinated beverage drank, you should drink two glasses of water.


@Nezzy - in the middle of recharging :) the recipe is simply great, and it's fun to make it!
@Sarah - not really lazy but surrounded by people I love!
@Cindy - music does help, you are right! Happy weekend for you as well
@Chispeak - that is a great idea with a morning playlist! Great tip!
@Susanne - that is what my husband keeps on telling me as well, but I have to admit that sometimes I forget!

I take monthly B12 shots. Energy.


@Joyce - one way to deal with lack of energy, I agree!

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