Paris - my list, my holiday

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Room with a view 

Notre Dame, walk on the memory lane

Seine view 
Sacre Coeur, always a spiritual trip 

Montmartre flair 

A little bit of art

Maccaroons, what a temptation

Something for the eyes

Simply Paris



oh, you have me sighing to be there again - enjoy!

@Laura - just returned and had a great time!

Rome was one of my favorite ever trips. How lost one can get in the history and the beauty. *sighing loudly* Haven't been there since 1990.
So very long ago.

@Jo - we do Paris every year and I always find something new, the discoveries are amazing! Rome is also great :)

Lovely pictures....makes you wanna fly to Paris, immediately! Have a nice holiday or city trip!

Wonderful pictures!!


@Sofia - just returned after a lovely weekend :)
@Kathy - the atmosphere was simply great!

Super Parisienne photos for us to look at! Glad you had a lovely time,with blue skies as well. Paris in springtime - wonderful!

@Diane - yes, we were lucky with the weather, loved the trip!

So glad you had a good time. My dream is to see Paris and London one day. So much history and beauty.

@Belle - you should do that, both locations are worth it!

Anonymous says:

I've never been to Paris. Is it wrong that the macaroons were one of the most tempting pics? ;O)

@Beth - not at all, they were my most desired item from Paris :)

Evil to taunt us this way! Brilliant list as well as inspiring.

How wonderful! My daughter went to England and France many years ago when she was in high school and has always wanted to go back to Paris.

Oh I miss Paris!! Lovely photos, Claudia.

I so want to go...((sighs))

Anonymous says:

Someday....(sighing and whimsically dreaming....)

I love your list!

It looks like you had a wonderful time, and such beautiful skies too :-)

I would love to go there!! I envy you-- great photos!! Thanks for sharing :) Jenn

@Brenda - not evil, just sharing a perfect weekend :)
@Laura - she knows why!
@Trinista - I guess you miss London as well!
@Susan - truth to be told I would go now again!
@Beachlover - one day for sure
@Sarah - we had so much luck with the weather
@Jenn - welcome my dear!

Love it! Visiting this summer for the first time, your pics make me excited! Thank you!

Anonymous says:

Beautiful pics! I would love to see Paris!


I made a vacation list too.


Outstanding, what a great list. I've never been there and now I feel like I have been. Thanks.

@Anna - I am sure you will have a great time! Cannot wait to read about your adventures!
@KAT - then all I can say is start planning :)
@Joyce - I know, I read about it!
@Pbquig - I am glad you enjoyed it!

Beautiful. :)

My tummy is doing little flips on that last one. I am such a scaredy cat when it comes to heights!

I've never been to Paris, and, particularly lately, I find myself REALLY WANTING TO GO TO PARIS!!!! I loved this. Love it. Sigh. Thanks.

Well, these pictures are just beautiful!

To celebrate your trip to Paris, I'm going to take a tip from the last pic, the girl sitting in the sunshiny window, and go to the beach on this beautiful sunny day.

Thanks for the idea ;)

@Alana - I found it amazing, she was in the 7th floor and just enjoying the sun!
@Amy - you should, one day! It is really worth it!
@Shiny Butter Blog - I am glad you got a nice idea from my post! Happy sunbathing!

C'est magnifique! Slightly jealous/envious - someday, someday. Looks like a great trip.

@Beverly - it is, our yearly ritual! We love to return there in different seasons

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