Saturday pure and simple

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Hm ... this Saturday was spend so far in the kitchen, in town, with friends and in the living room.

In the kitchen I was pretty inspired today, after a lovely egg liquor cake which was yesterday's highlight, I was busy with a cherry clafoutis and a spicy cajun chicken pasta.

The cherry clafoutis looked truly like this:
 Recipe from here

As for the spicy cajun chicken pasta, it is based on a surprising discovery - a wonderful food blog, called Skinny Taste. After seeing this picture:

I knew that I had to try it and boy I was not dissapointed. It is super delicious and trust me Peter was having a smile on his face during the entire meal.

In town I did a little bit of shopping plus I had a date with my husband, we are in the middle of a project, I promise I will reveal some details soon, I just don't want to jinx it, I am pretty excited, I tell you!

Then B., my good friend, came over for some coffee, cake and chit chat. Before she came I had a horrid headache which was gone by the time she went, she is so positive and I enjoy spending time with her.

And now in the living room, writing, talking with Peter, watching some sports and looking forward to read some magazines which mom send me - what a special treat!

Yes, Saturday, pure and simple!



Anonymous says:

Sounds all sorts of wonderful...and I can't wait to hear what your project is!

You certainly know how to make the most of your free time! Sounds like a perfect day in every way! My kind of day (apart from the cooking and baking). I'd be in the garden, instead :)

gosh, wish my saturday was so sweet! Grocery shopping, cleaning etc. hot dogs for dinner.

I wish you have more good days.

Sounds like an absolutely wonderful Saturday. What more could you want?! I'm really terribly impressed with your cooking skills, and no wonder Peter had a smile on his face!

Not the lazy day I'd wished for you, but more fun instead :-)

YUM! i like the green pan, claudia.. the dish looks so appealing in it...

Anonymous says:

Nice Saturday, Claudia! Your dessert and pasta look delicious...Glad you're taking some time to relax today :).

Both dishes look so yummy!! :) Makes me want my kitchen back ASAP! :)

What a wonderful cook you are!

yum...the dishes look fabulous! hope your week is as good as your saturday!



@Beth - almost there to be able to share!
@Desiree - not yet time for the garden, but soon, 2 more weeks and I will start my little beds
@Sandra - my weekends are not always that much fun but I do try!
@Izdiher - very sweet of you
@Diane - my cooking skills did improve, still working on the baking ones :)
@Sarah - soon, Easter holidays are coming and then I will rest, promise!
@Danneromero - I like it as well, it is from the website where I found the recipe, I used a plain white one!
@Beachlover - all gone, business trip now :(
@Taylor - love to cook :)
@Belle - I try
@Momto8 - it was
@Joyce :)

My mouth is watering! These look great :)

@Emma - they were very delicious!

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