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Intro: this post is written for the A-Z Challenge April 2012, and it is one of my ABC Happiness Guidelines Entries.

Managing emotions is really about finding a way of being with your emotions that works for you and the people around you.

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I find that I have a healthy fear of snakes, the wind, and my children's safety. Sometimes fear can be a good thing--but you are so right--it can hold us back from our greatest potential!!

Cheers, Jenn.

Fear of the unknown...a real wall for some. Good job. ♥

@Jenn - I am very afraid of rats, don't know wha, but I cannot stand them.
@Jo - yes, a wall, an obstacle, some need to overcome it!

My fear is of getting old and having to rely on someone else, and losing my independence. I would just hate that, and I find the thought quite frightening! Best not to dwell on thoughts like that, and to just enjoy the good health I have at the moment, and the blessings that I have in my life.

when at work, when responding to a trauma..i HAVE to be in control, i fear seeing, not being able to save (the pedi traumas are the worse...drownings..MVA's) have to be calm in the midst of CRAZINESS..and yet..its not up to me..sooner i relinquish the false evidence..everyone benefits..yup..good one again Claudia :0)

@Diane - you have a great family who will take care of you no matter what, I am sure of that!
@Brenda - you do have a stressing job, understandable fear!

so true. i always tell myself i will (do whatever it is i set out to accomplish) - at some point it all works out....

I waste a lot of energy fearing the worst which might never happen anyway.

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself" F.D. Roosevelt.

Anonymous says:

The quote you shared is so true.

Paula Martin posted the quote that I was thinking of.

@Danneromero - yes, all will be well in the end!
@Sandra - yes, sometimes you have to think positive
@Paula - so true!
@suzanne :)

Yes yes yes, it's all about learning you and your emotions and figuring out healthy ways to deal with them. Great post.

Great picture and commnent - someone pointed out to me many years ago that anger is always based on a fear. It's been immensely helpful to me in getting to the root of MY fears over the years. Almost posted on fear myself today - but got too scared to go there. ;-)

The times I have succeeded the most was when I faced my fear and learned to use it to my advantage. In middle school and high school, I was very active in drama. But I've always had to deal with stage fright. My heart would start racing and my energy levels would skyrocket, trying to get me to run away. However, I learned to put all of that into my performance and my characters became more alive and full of feeling. To this day, I'm thankful for the drama coach that taught me to do this. It still helps me to this day whenever I'm facing a stressful situation.

So true! Some things I haven't achieved I didn't even realize were connected to various fears until recently when I really tried to analyze my actions.

This sure is true for me!! Great post for F!


Very true - fear holds me back with my writing - but the more I've admitted that to myself and to others I've spoken to just lately, the less afraid I've been feeling! My dad told me I've got nothing to prove as I've already had stories published - which made me feel so freed up! Thanks for another food-for-thought post!

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Great quote and oh, so true!

I love that quote. Sometimes I get so tired of being afraid.

How very true, great post for the letter F.
Hope you're enjoying the challenge,
Monica, Older Mommy Still Yummy

Anonymous says:

Love this and so very true, Claudia! Fear is also the opposite of faith. My brother once told me that during times of stress, to let it work for you. I guess he was saying it could actually be a positive thing if you channel it right. Thanks for the inspiration!

wow... so true...I have been letting fear stop me from doing a lot... thanks for posting this..its a great push in the right direction :)

@Karen - your positive comments are so wonderful thank you!
@Amanda - what a great lesson, thank you for sharing
@A.eye - facing your fears takes a lot of honest discussions with your self!
@Kathy - thank you so much
@Linda - yes, you just have to believe that you can, it is the first step!
@Linda - thank you for your visit
@Darlene - well yes
@Sarah - you should not be afraid
@Monica- is imply love the challenge, I like the discipline involved with the posting
@Beachlover - I think your brother had a very wise advise for you
@Susan - welcome
@Jenni - happy for that

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