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When I left for my holiday, I had promised that I will take my laptop and work phone with me, just in case. I did read my emails almost on a daily basis, but nothing spectacular happened. I was actually thinking that the only good result is the small amount of emails to archive upon my return. But then, today it happened. Our project secretary from Estonia called me, quite desperate, she was with our driver at the airport waiting for three of my colleagues, and they were not there. And she did not know what to do. So here I was, opening my laptop, finding a mobile number and trying to each them. And to my surprise, my colleagues were as desperate. They did not know how to contact the secretary to tell her that they are stuck in Riga, and will be very late tonight. So in 5 minutes I solved the communication issue: the secretary will book 5 rooms at a nearby hotel (very close tithe airport), they will depart together at 5am in order together to the training startup at 8.30am on time. Sometimes it makes a difference to be at the right time, at the right place with the right idea. (picture from here)



Anonymous says:

It was good that you brought your laptop and phone ;) and that you could sort out the little dilemma they had.
Have a lovely evening!


@Eva - thank you, you too!

You were in the right place at the right time and lucky for them! Enjoy your evening!

Yes. It does!

Catch My Words

The helping angel named Claudia! Enjoy your holiday!

You saved the day! Now go and enjoy the rest of it!

It's hard for me to separate from my phone and laptop. Fortunately for your colleagues you had yours and were their guardian angel by happenstance!

Anonymous says:

Sounds like you were well prepared to defuse any problems that came up. Kudos to you!


Everybody should have a Claudia! ♥

Anonymous says:

Claudia to the rescue! (with a little help from modern technology...) ;)

@Laura - thank ou for your kind words
@Joyce :)
@Sofia - very sweet of you to compare m with an angel :)
@Heidi - I dd even though it was a short night
@Anna - usually when on holiday I try to leave them at home
@Susanne - that s my job. As a project manage you have to solve problems!
@Jo - now I am blushing ;)
@Beachlover - so true, modern technology helps indeed!

Anonymous says:

Problem solved. Good job!

@Beth - indeed!

Great that you were available, but too bad you had to check in on vacation!

@The Host - that is life, it comes with the job!

You rock Claudia!!


There's a reason for everything, even if we don't realize it at the time. Good work!!

Visiting from GBE2.

@Kathy - I do my best!
@SJerZGirl - so true!

Glad it all worked out well. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

@Corinne - holiday over for more than a week :( but thanks!

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