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A new challenge, and here I am embarking on this boat as well. 

Dear readers, by now you must know, that I love structure and also guidance, and I do hope that you will enjoy these posts as much as you did the ones from the A-Z Challenge, thank you for your constant support.

So for the next 27 days I will have one daily theme, today it is time for something you're looking forward to this year.

This has been easy to pick, the most perfect time in a year is ... come on ... you must have guessed ... well yes! CHRISTMAS!

For me Christmas is associated with Romania, with my family, with a lovely tree in the living room, with friends, with good food, with snow (if lucky!). Simply wonderful!

Below the tree from last year's holiday, so many happy moments, and I am so thrilled to think of 2012 Winter Season!

And what about you? What are looking for in 2012?



My coworker Nick is from Romania and is set to visit there for two weeks in June - he misses it, too.

I'm looking forward to new opportunities and a new baby in our family in September. So many things.

@Lynn - yes, it is the country you were born in, so it is normal. And your new baby, wow that is exciting, yeah!!!!

wow this would be fun ;)

Merry Christmas Claudia :)

@Izdiher - always is :)
@Rick - :)

I look forward to the Laura Ingalls Wilder that my daughter and I will attend in July, followed by a few days at the family cabin in northern Michigan (where my husband will meet us!).
Always looking forward to, and hoping for, some happy times.
Merry Christmas to you!

@Laura - the event sounds wonderful, plus quality time with your daughter. What a great idea!
@Karen - happy holidays :) and good luck with your writing!

I'm looking forward to finishing my ms. :-)

@Misha - ms? what does that mean?

Yes, like you, I love Christmas, but I am looking forward for a nice warm summer before Christmas comes round once more!!

@Diane - yes, sommer is also great, but not tooooo hot :)))

I'm looking forward to my sister Liz visiting next week! I always look forward to Christmas too.

@Belle - I missed you so much around here, onest! Glad Liz is coming to visit, thatwould be fun!

Christmas is a wonderful time of year. A good one to look forward to!

@SJerZGirl - I so agree with you :)

Honestly Halloween gets me just as excited as Christmas because I get to pick out a costume for my daughter, but Christmas is when I get to see relatives.

@Awwsumkitteh - both holidays have their charm I agree!

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