Something that excites you and fills you with joy

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Oh boy, this will be a long list for sure, are you ready? Will keep it as short as I can :) Promise!

1. Berries in any shape or size
2. Baking
3. Cooking
4. Coffee
5. When seeing the light in a clearing
6. When you finally stop climbing and just appreciate the view from the to
7. A cold drink in the middle of the hot afternoon
8. Laughing
9. Colours
10. Dancing with my husband
11. Friends
12. Bare feet in the grass
13. Children smiling
14. Fresh bread
15. Sound of ocean waves
16. People-watching
17. Rainbows
18. Flowers
19. Foreign languages
20. The smell of rain
21. A challenge
22. Someone playing with my hair
23. Having the hair dried
24. Cool breezes
25. Making a baby laugh
26. Summer storms
27. Wearing pretty clothes and feeling beautiful
28. Surprises
29. Movie nights and popcorn with friends
30. A really good book that I can't put down
31. Laughing so hard my stomach hurts
32. Hard-cover books
33. Fresh fruit smoothies
34. Words of encouragement
35. Travel
36. Planes
37. Hugs
38. Coffee - ups! I think I wrote this one already :)
39. My Pandora bracelet
40. Murder She Wrote series
41. Playing with children
42. BBQ
43. Painting
44. Sunsets
45. Peace like a river
46. Music
47. Lightning

That must be enough but I could write some more :)))



Many of these would also be on my list especially hard cover books, people-watching, travel and foreign languages!

It is great to find joy in life at so many things. It's the simple things that really make life good.

What a great list, Claudia. I'm with miss b - many would be on my list as well. I'd add singing with Sugartime.

Quite a list there Claudia, and you obviously put a lot of thought into it. A lot of my favourites are on there as well. I love my Pandora bracelet as well! It just goes to show that, quite often, it's the simple things that can give us the most pleasure.

I love your list. It would closely match mine (if I were to make one)!

Anonymous says:

Great list :)

Wow! Lots of those would be on my list too. I love finding out new things about my 'bloggy' friends!

@Miss B - something in common then :)
@Ruth - I fully agree with you, they bring true joy!
@Karen - that I can understand, your band is truly worth an entry in your top 3!
@Diane - Peter gave the bracelet and my first charm, it is very special!
@Laura :)
@Eva - thank you my dear!
@LindaK - that is true, it reveals a lot about my personality!

i too love many things on your wonderful list--esp. having my hair played with-coffee--fresh bread and flowers--great list

@Lynn - thank you much, you chose some of my favourites, especially coffee :))

Lovely list! It is always good to look at things that give us joy. I'm so happy today because my sister is here visiting. She will be here a long time and she is such great company for me.

@Belle - I am glad you spend time with Liz, I am sure you are having a great time!

That's a great list! Love number 27 - every Girl needs to feel beautiful ;)

@Bibi - so true :)

I love that your joy list is limitless....just like the joy you bring to me!

@Sush - thank you so much!

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