What I struggle with ...

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is patience, I really want everything to happen now and with the speed of light!

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me too... That would probably be my answer too...along with 'my diet'.... I want to be more patient ...thank you for reminding me of that!

Hi Claudia. Hope you're relaxing over the weekend my friend. I think we've mentioned this word Patience before. I don't have any at all, I'm afraid, and I'm certainly not proud of it. I've lost count of the number of times that I've said "Lord, please give me patience"!. Usually when I'm trying to do something, and I'm like a bull in a china shop and it's all going wrong. You know what, it usually works! You and I must work on this together!!!

@Jenni - we are very similar I think :)
@Diane - I agree let's work on this together, I will gladly do that! :)

Patience is my middle name. I have patience... I embrace it. When waiting for something, whether minutes or years, I believe the key is to enjoy the wait. I carry my kindle in my pocketbook, always. Before that, a paperback book. If I have to wait, I am going to enjoy myself. Little moments fill the big moments. I think waiting for the time I could retire stretched my patience a bit, but small pleasures filled the time. I believe that as long as we can learn how to enjoy the small moments, the big ones will take care of themselves.

I think I'm pretty patient, although there are some days....

Okay. How long do I have to wait for good things? I've been waiting? Where are they? Is there a statute of limitations to waiting for good things? Whoever coined that phrase, probably didn't wait too long.

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Patience was never a quality I had. Not proud of that either. All I can say at this stage in my life...thank god for Zoloft!!

I suppose some days would find me more patient and tolerant than others! It is usually when it comes to DIY I want everything done asap!!

Yeah I struggle with patience too.

Patience has come to me with age. I am overloaded with it now and find that waiting for something or someone, isn't such a major deal. Like Darlene, I always have something to read and enjoy the down time. Life goes by so quickly that reminding myself to just enjoy now is vital to my happiness. Not rushing or fretting because someone else isn't rushing doesn't ruin my now. ♥

I have this same problem!

Anonymous says:

Sometimes it's so hard to be patient! I think I'm fairly lucky to inherit the virtue of patience from my Dad. :)

@Darlene - you have reached a wonderful stage, I am still some miles away but I know at least the direction which I want to take!
@SJerGirl - I can fully understand what you say
@Joyce - there are moments when your wait seems endless, I agree!
@Barb - I actually think that you have a lot of endurance and that implies patience as well
@Anne - well each of us has its moments
@Misha - welcome to the club :)
@Jo - so you actually tell me that I must age before I have patience? :) well I do that anyway :))))
@Taylor ;)
@Beachlover - lucky you, good genes!

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