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This is the entrance to my high school, in Timisoara, with informatics as major.
During my high school time I had the freedom of developing my dreams, while looking back I started with the idea of becoming a marine biologist, I found it fascinating to swim with dolphins :) but in the end while checking the possibilities of studying this in Romania I realised that this is not possible.

For a while I drifted around, played with the thought of becoming a lawyer, but did not feel comfortable 100%. While talking with our assigned teacher (diriginta in Romanian, the one who actually took care of us on a regular basis!), I told her that I kind felt lost, I did know which career I should choose. And then, with simple questions (like where do I see myself in 5 years? What do I like to do?) she guided me. She told me that my skills lie within organising things, talking with people (at that time I was the class leader), and the it did hit me. Management!

So here I was applying for the Politechnics where they had a management faculty. And I did not regret it one day! I realise that this is what high school should represent, a place to grow, to discover yourself, and to be a teenager, with all its ups and downs. Great times!



May you get all the success you want in life

Great post today Claudia. It's always good when Teachers can really come into their own and guide you in the right direction like that and inspire us to do the best we possibly can. I'm sure that you are excellent at your job my friend!

I had the hardest time picking a career. I actually had a fight with a college professor.

He said, "You're going to be a teacher."

I said, "I am not!"

He said, "Go to the school of journalism, but you'll be back. I know a teacher when I see one."

Four years later, I cowered in his office and said, "I'm going to be a teacher."

He said, "I know."


Anonymous says:

Thanks for sharing Claudia. I love learning about the lives of my fellow bloggers.

I love hearing a good teacher story!♥

@Phoenix - thank you, likewise!
@Diane - yes, you do need from time to time the correct guidance
@Joyce - well done :)
@KAT - indeed
@Jo - please then!

It's nice to hear something positive about teachers, they dont get given the credit they deserve very often.

@Luan - in my eyes teachers are shaping people, thus they have a great importance!

I think a lot of people were unsure of what they would turn out to be in the end when pushed to pick for a career to shoot for.


I think every one of us is sent a teacher who we will remember forever because they tell us the one thing we need to hear at the exact right moment. Glad you found yours, Claudia xx

so true!

@Kathy - yes, I believe you are right, you do need guidance
@Gil - lucky indeed
@Lynn :)

You were very fortunate to have someone help you in your career decision. Here's to great teachers!

So glad you found your passion, your calling! Wonderful post!

Anonymous says:


The school I went to on the right. Synge Street CBS.

It's wonderful that you were guided in picking a career you love !I suppose I was quite clueless for a long long time :)

What a great defining moment for you. I have no doubt you have provided the same for many as well in a similar fashion.

I agree--how great that someone was there to guide you! I wish our high school guidance counselor actually had done something like that. She preferred to coach the cheerleaders. lol.

Love Joyce's story in the comments above. :)

Anonymous says:

How wonderful to have had the guidance you needed!

I love Joyce's comment, too!

@Anna - I agree with you, I was very lucky indeed!
@Susan - thank you so much
@Anonymous - nice location Dublin
@Laila - it did help a lot to have that discussion with my teacher
@Amy - thank you
@Amy 2 :)) cheerleaders? Really?
@Beth - Joyce is hilarious :)

Sounds like you had some very good advice.

When I was in high school I didn't care too much about anything so my advisers were stumped.

@Lee - thank you!
@Brenda :)

Anonymous says:

Sounds like you went to a great high school! Guidance is so important!

@Beachlover - you are so right!

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