Green Day

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Das gefällt mir, ein Plätzchen zum verweilen, zum philosophieren...

Lieben Gruß

Stopping by from Green Day. What a lovely spot, great captures of the shadows. Have a wonderful weekend.

@CL - danke sehr, es ist in Frankfurt, Palmen Garten, super schoen!
@Eileen - welcome :) and have a nice weekend as well!

Lovely greenery - a very pretty place to take pictures. Visiting from Green Day :)

lush and lovely. dropping in from green day!

That is pretty..I love the foreground leaves.

I live in a high desert an it's very brown. This picture is so so soothing.

such a peaceful and lovely shot....I would spread a blanket in the dappled light..

@Ellie - thank you for your visit :)
@TexWisGirl - indeed very lush
@Mary - thanks, love nature and love to take shots!
@Karen - the desert has its beauty as well
@Joanne - what a great idea!

How lovely and peaceful. I love sitting in the shade of trees on a sunny day! I can remember being able to do that in peace before I had my two hyper kids! :)

@Little Dotty Bird - well with two children, moments of peace must be seldom!

What a peaceful park to relax and enjoy!

Very nive…green indeed….


This looks really nice, an ideal place for a picnic!

Such a beautiful photo. Looks like a lovely place for a walk with friends.

Lovely, lush green garden.
Visiting from Green Day.

@Andrea - indeed, very soothing
@BShell - it was supposed to be green right!
@Sexta - that is true, many chose it just for that
@Eileen - that too :)
@BB - so true

Hi Claudia

Greetings from Ireland (where the sun is shining
I can hardly believe it - no rain!)

Thanks for joining up with "Green Day" Claudia

I am sorry that I am so late in visiting you but I was on holiday and only arrived back in the early hours of this morning, so lots and lots of catching up to do!

Lovely photo.

Wishing you a happy Thursday

Take care

Fiona x

What a gorgeously green photo x

I love the Motto at the bottom, Its amazing and so true. I hope you don't mind I have copied it into my book of quotes at home. Thank you xx

@Fioma - funnily enough we have sommer in Germany as well :)) thank you for your kind comments, happy you are back :)
@Kat - thank you and I am happy you enjoyed Alice Munro's quote, she is an amazing writer!

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