Green Day - Forever Estonia

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Beautiful picture you show.
Wishing you a good weekend :)
Hanne Bente

Looks beautiful!

@Hanne - thank you so much, have a nice weekend as well!
@Luan - it is on the way to the beach, the forests are simply lovely down there!

Eine wunderschöne Aufnahme von diesem so interessanten Land im Baltikum...

Lieben Gruß

So beautiful image ! They are so high , I think so very old !

Brilliant photograph, they're huge.

Beautiful trees, they look so tall. Great shot and thanks for sharing. Happy Green Day!

Dearest Claudia,
Wow, such tall trees applied splints. Have you been to Estonia?
Lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

Wow! How tall are these trees?? Great picture!
Have a nice weekend! :)

These are beatiful tall trees and a lovely picture. :)

that would be a perfect link-up to Friday's Fences, too, if you're interested:


Lindas árvores!!beijos do Brasil.chica

Tall tree trunks look so majestic!

@Cloudy - ja Estland ist sehr interessant, Ich bin da fast jede zweite Woche für die letztem 3 Jahre.
@Olympia - yes, they are old and very majestic
@Eileen - indeed, you feel so small!
@Eileeninmd - I thought it fits the theme very well!
@Miyako - yes, I am almost each second week there for the last 3 years.
@Sexta - I would say 30m high
@Ellie - thank you!
@TexWisGirl - thanks for the hit, I did send my picture!
@Chica - gracias!
@EH CameraGirl - they do indeed!

oh, wow... i would love to see more of the area. looks beautiful. (:

i'm following you now. (:

@Beth - it is a lovely location, and thank you for following!

I think trees with all their branches cut off look kind of sad. But they are green, and that is a wonderful thing!! The drought here is just ending, so everything is still brown and parched.

@Judy - they are not cut off, it is their art!

Very tall trees!!
Beautiful picture!

Passei por um local assim nestas últimas férias de julho... Linda demais a imagem!!!
Deus te cubra de bênçãos e e te faça feliz!!!
Abraços fraterno de paz

WElcome to FF...love you perspective on this shot!!!

@Maria- yes, it is a lovely place
@Orvahlo - gracias.
@Jan - thank you, glad to find the challenge!

Hi Claudia,

Hope the sun is shining on you today.

Greetings from Ireland!!

Thanks so much for linking up again with Green Day

I am sorry that I have not been around for the last week or so
but I have my Mum staying with me at the moment and feel guilty
if I don't give her my time and so haven't been on the computer much.

Hope all is well with you.

I will have so much catching up to do
when Mum goes home that it will take me until Christmas
to get through all the posts I have missed!

Have a lovely weekend.

x Fiona

@Fiona - my dear I fully understand, happy you spend time with your mom. All is well on my side of the world! Enjoy your weekend!

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