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Anna was checking her watch, she had 30 more minutes till her next class. She wondered if she should start reading another chapter in her book, the Nesbo's writing was always attractive, but she knew at the same time that she will loose track of time and then she will be late.

And then she saw the bus in front of the university where you could get your blood tested as potential donator. She considered for a second or two, and off she went. A very painful procedure, but quite fast. The thought of doing something good was refreshing, plus she received a voucher for books. More books ...

Half a year later she received a phone call asking her to do some tests since it appeared that her sample was useful for an unknown patient. She volunteered again, more blood tests.

And then the answer - full compatibility and she was asked to give more blood. She felt so dizzy while watching the recipient get fuller and fuller with her red blood, but she knew she may save someone's life.That felt good, uplifting.

While resting, she saw a man with handcuffs and holding the bag with her blood. Forty eight hours time to reach the patient, no second longer. What a pressure! She wished all the best and close her eyes for a welcoming sleep.

Another half of year later. An email out of the blue.

Rick. Grateful. Humble. Happy. Survivor. She read his letter and cried. Her blood pumping in his vains ...



That's good my friend! Do you do much writing? I have enjoyed reading this.

Great job!

Wonderful story! What a gift of life to donate blood.

WOW this i thought of too when i wrote (and wrote it) about the ones that say THANK YOU!!!!! :0) awesome and thank you for writing! hehe

What a wonderful gift to give.


@Diane - not much writing, just getting inspired from time to time
@Jo - for Anna for sure
@Belle - that is true
@Brenda - we should be grateful more often
@Kathy - indeed!

Claudia, really enjoyed this. Loved how you brought it around full circle.

Great story and wonderful gift of life giving blood!

Anonymous says:

What a marvelous impluse and a lovely story.

@Amy - so true
@Anna - that is a wonderful gift indeed
@Kelly - I appreciate your comment a lot!

I wish all impulses were that altruistic. Good read.

I wish all impulses were that altruistic. Good read.

@Brown - you are absolutely right!

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