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Joanna felt like she had all the time in the world, but she knew it was a deceptive moment, she had only 10 minutes left for a me time. For the last hour she cleaned the kitchen, cooked a small meal for dinner (bio pasta with tomato sauce and minced meat, a lighter version of the bolognese), arranged her paperwork and now she hoped that the children will allow her to pamper her skin and soul. Micaela and Simon were taking their afternoon nap and they were unusual quiet, not even the cooking disturbed their sleep. Simon was normally a light sleeper, but today she was lucky. A peeling, a nice rub, a quick shower, a bit of cream on her face and a nice peach butter on her skin. She has all the steps programmed ahead, since she was a young single mother, she knew she had no chance without planning her tasks, somehow her life was a long to do list. How nice it was to feel clean and relaxed, the nice aromas were healing her tired body. Not enough sleep, so many worries, especially financial ones, but she felt blessed, her children were healthy and happy, she managed, it was not easy but she loved them so. A quick look towards the watch, a last touch of cream, and then she heard Micaela calling her, her three year old daughter will soon wake up her toddler. A last look, in the bathroom she had her quiet moment, she walked with a smile on her face, grateful for the break.G



Lieben Gruß am Sonntag und ganz viel Sonnenschein...


I remember those days and miss the screams for "Mom" at our house--but not too much. Empty nesting isn't bad!


You captured the essence of single parenthood and "quiet" moments very nicely. Well done! I could nearly smell the cold cream I used to swath my face in! lol! thanks.

I feel like you were peeking in my bathroom oh those many years ago! And now when the grand kids are here for a wonderful visit, I relive those bathroom moments.

You got it exactly right.

I think most women will relate to this post, Claudia. So lovely to grab a little 'me' time, especially when you have little ones.

You created a very realistic and lovely escape!! Nothing better than a soak in a nice hot shower.


@Cloudy - wir hatten tolles Wetter die letzte Tage!
@Joyce - lucky you
@Humor after 50 - glad you enjoyed my thoughts
@Jo - good :) since I did not experience these moments, all I can rely upon is observation
@Diane - thank you
@Kathy - so true, a shower does its magic also after a long tiring day!

Loved this - I felt just as calm as Joanna while reading this!

@Running from the runs - I am glad you enjoyed it, I was inspired :)

Ah yes, you captured those special moments that mom's can have in their bathroom! Love it!

my bathroom's THE place for me too :)

Anonymous says:

Terrific! Yep, I think all moms have used the bathroom as their personal haven. :O)

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