BlogFest 2012 Day 18 - People pleaser

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Linda asked one deep question, namely:

"Do you sometimes put your true-self on the back burner to conform to others or to a situation, and how does that make you feel?"

Am I people pleaser? Sometimes I must admit I am, I do care on my influence on others, I do like to see people happy, so I adjust my reactions from time to time, but one thing is clear, my inner self remains the same, it does not help to alter your own personality just to get along with everyone.

But one thing is for sure, I am not the positive force :)



Hi Claudia. I'm certainly a people-pleaser! I just want people to be happy :)

Interesting point to ponder, Claudia.

By nature, I am an optimist, therefore very positive in my overall outlook.

I also like to see people around me happy, but not at the cost of my own happiness; I'm a win/win person - and I do think I exude a "positive force" albeit not in the way dear Lucy does. *grin*

With smiles, Jenny

Lucy definitely does not conform, Claudia!
I too am an optimist and try to shed a positive light on the subject. Thanks for sharing in the prompt! :)

I like to be liked, but I want to be liked for who I am. Who I am matters more to me than being liked, I guess. I'm not a people pleaser, but I am a person who likes to be around happy and positive people.

Those who would need me to be different than I am to be my friend or to work with me, will be disappointed. I am quite happy with my filterless mouth...words form in my mind and immediately fall out of my lips. As I am aging, I am developing a little bit of a filter, but it fails me often. I still sometimes say things that are highly inappropriate but never meant to hurt or disparage.

I might be Lucy!

Love the Peanuts cartoon. How fitting!


Nice blog...although I still think you are a positive force...even if you don't recognize it!

Today's Working Woman

Good old Charlie Brown brings back such memories have a great sunday

As long as I don't betray my inner-self and hurt others, I sometimes tend not to care what others' think of me. But, I must admit, I don't like confrontation.

@Diane - you MAKE people happy
@Jenny - happy for your smile, and yes win win is the best
@Beachlover - yes, being an optimist is a great approach
@Jo - you are not Lucy my dear, just one great Jo
@Kathy - thought so too
@Susan - thank you for your kind words
@Inge - the cartoon is great indeed
@Journey of Life - agreed, confrontation ain't easy :)

Not sure I'm so much of a people pleaser as I'd like to think I am. I am who I am. And if people happen to like me for it all the merrier!!

Cheers, Jenn

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