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The kitchen, the place which my grandmother described as the heart of the house. The place where I spend so many relaxing hours, not only cooking but also baking, celebrating the act of eating and enjoying the tastes, aroma and colours.

Memories from the kitchen:

Being 5 years old and being super excited to see the first fresh strawberries. I was so restless, that I could not wait for my mother to wash them, so I ate 1 kg in around 10 minutes and when my mom returned to the kitchen I was all over red and smiling. I don't tell you which belly ache I had afterwards, but it was worth it!

With 12 cooking my first Chinese meal, which my grandmother and grandfather enjoyed a lot (or at least that is what they said), when mom came home she wondered why all our hot peppers were gone. Now I know why both my grandparents were so red in their faces!

My first baking, trying to make Christmas cookies under the supervision of my grandmother. A big mess, which took 3 hours to clean, but boy I was so proud to have 3 jars of cookies (half of them were burnt and disposed!)

So many lovely memories, and the most recent from this weekend, when my husband kissed me and said how well I cook. A long way but still so much to learn! But one thing is clear, I enjoy it so much!



I agree Claudia, Kitchen is the best place. Heart of everyhing!

If I had a nice big window like that in my kitchen I'd burn everything! (I'd be too busy looking outside)

It's obvious your home has a warm heart!

Anonymous says:

Very nice, Claudia! I'll bet most of us have warm family memories that center in our kitchens. The comfort from "comfort foods," I think, comes every bit as much form the memories the foods evoke as it does for their yummy goodness.

I used to make muffins with my mom when I was younger

The kitchen is the heart of the home I totally agree. I have always wanted a house where you can also sit and eat in the kitchen area.

We also did a lot of cooking and eating and chatting in our kitchen. I agree with you. The kitchen is the heart of our home too.

There are so many lifetime memories created in the kitchen. I enjoyed reading yours!


What nice memories of your kitchens. You've come a long way baby!

Great memories. :)

I didn't learn to cook till I was married. Those were interesting times because Hubby was in college and I was working a minimum wage job, so we had almost no money. We ate a lot of ground beef and chicken pot pies were ten for a dollar.

@All - glad you enjoyed my memory sharing post, I truly enjoy the kitchen, no matter where it is!

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