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From time to time I reflect upon the question: why do I blog? There are moments (like now when I lost 3 followers and I do not know why!) and I wonder if I should keep on going. I have good reasons, I love to write (and being part of great writing groups like GBE2 gives me a great opportunity to improve it), I enjoy reading comments, I like visiting other blogs and see what happens around me. But then I think if my work brings joy or happy moments, maybe even sad thought? For blogging you need an audience, it is not a private journal for your eyes only. So let me ask you, my dear readers, what do you like here on The Story? Shall I continue with the weekly specials like Quote Monday or Tasty Tuesday? What about Wordless Wednesday? One thing is sure Green Day will always be publish on Friday, I simply love Fiona's idea. Can you give me some hints? Some constructive feedback? Thank you in advance and please rest assure, the motivation to write is still there, just a small doubt lurks around. Happy Saturday, I am off to the local Christmas market :)



I think you should do whatever makes you happy. I love to blog hop. I have seen followers come and go. Have a great weekend!

Ah, Claudia, I ponder this question every time I lose a follower and like you, have no idea why. I am learning to let to of caring about that. I love what you do here. I love your recipes. I love green day. I love your quotes. I think we just need to be ourselves and do what what we do and those who find us and stay are the ones we're meant to have.
Take care.

I posted a comment earlier, but it didn't appear so here I am again. I love your posts, Claudia, and I ponder this question every time I lose a follower. What I've come to learn is we can't control who visits us and who leaves us. The ones who we're meant to have, hang around and new ones join from time to time. We need to learn to let go about this and just follow our hearts. I love your quotes and your recipes and your green day. Just keep being you.
Take care.

Hi Claudia - keep the blog just the way it is! Maybe the people who stopped following you have decided to stop blogging themselves and following blogs as well. x

I always enjoy all your posts Claudia! I especially love the Monday quotes, so please don't get rid of them!!I find that more and more people seem to be keeping in touch via facebook now. A lot of quite dedicated bloggers that I followed have dropped out of blogging (or having a long break) for some reason or another. There is usually a very good reason for Followers to drop out, and I don't think it's anything to do with what you're doing here on your blog. Hugs.

Dearest Claudia,
Oh, I thought I needed to comment here as I do have the same kind of feeling (or can I say dilemma?) Always wonder if my topic would be appropriate or not.
We all have our own style and I started to think not to worry too much. I love visiting you♡♡♡
(As my father has respiratory problem lately, I cannot visit as much as before. So sorry about that, my friend)
Love you always from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

I'm a blogger in a rut. That is likely the problem with the 3 who dropped you. (Was I one? If so, I apologize.) I did trim back my list a while back when I became overwhelmed at the number of blog notifications I was receiving. I should not have done that because, after awhile, I simply stopped looking at my notifications. Now, I am beginning to feel like I want to rejoin the blog world. I'm not there yet. Just sharing this with you because I can't possibly be the only person in the world with blog burn-out. I'm guessing there are at least 2 others. LOL... You notice that when I did feel like reading a blog today, I came to your blog because I have you on my Google reader and I have begun to look at those notifications. Don't stop writing because let me tell you, it is a long, hard climb out of that rut...

Thank you for your understanding and support!

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