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Waking up at 4.30 am isno fun, let me tell you that, but with a coffee life starts to look better. Now, after my 3rd coffee for the day, I can actually open my eyes without being too much hurt by the bright light. Travelling ... Flying ... And when I left home I also said goodbye to my car, my very first. I took the driving licence very late, I was not like many of my friends who when they reached 18 they were driving all around. It took me a while, probably because I did not feel the need to drive, walking or taking public means of transport suited me fine. For long distances I took the train and the plane, so why bother? But then I started to work and among my duties were travels in the middle of deep rural areas. Unreachable without a car and I did not have the luxury of a driver, so I had to. And with this came also my first car, a lovely feasty red blitzer who takes me everywhere. We have a good relationship, no accidents, no damage, and she still works like magic. She came with me to Germany as well, and here I discovered that she is not made for speedy highways, she is a comfortable little car, who feels at home on quiet streets. But in the end she is great and for the next 3 weeks I will miss driving her around!



Good morning to you, I am only at my first cup of coffee but ready for a refill. It's nice to be able to drive and I really miss it these days. Enjoy your weekend....Eva

I'm only on my 2nd cup - so you win!

Sorry to hear you're having such an awful journey to Romania my friend, what with the cancellations and delays. How nice that you still have your first car! I passed my driving test when I was 17, some almost 50 years ago! Eeek! I used to hare around in a little bright red Mini (the original 60's one!).

That's awesome that you are driving your first car! You will never forget it, quiet little streets are where I like to drive most. The highways and xways are great if time if of concern, but otherwise, I like traveling the back roads.

Dearest Claudia,
Oh, you must miss her (Hope "her" is ok, haha). My husband still reminiscently keep his first car in mind. Haha, I don't have a license because I know I am not a person for driving. (really careless). I wish I had(*^_^*)
Love you always from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

An adventure it was, but glad to be home and driving again!

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