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Since the beginning of the year I have to admit that I have lost my writing mojo. I am no longer following the GBE2 or The Writers Post weekly themes since I don't find anything worth writing. I seem to be lost in finding a starting point for my blogging.

The weekly themes are going because to be honest they became dear to me. I do find inspiration in my weekly quotes, cooking is fun, I have thousands of picture which could be shared both for the Wordless Wednesday and for the Green Friday weekly topics. But maybe this should be changed, since “When patterns are broken, new worlds can emerge.” 

But something is missing ...

My blog is becoming impersonal somehow and I don't know how to overcome this situation. Deep down I hope that I will find my mojo and be able to write stories again, because in the end this is THE STORY, right?

Feeling passionate and motivated every day for my blog is not easy, but I guess we all experience this at one point. 

What I decided is to take one day at a time, by setting small goals for my blog in order to keep me focused and my mind alert; and my hope is that before I know it, I will write ...

BELIEVE, right? And plus I managed the first GBE2 entry for 2013, small achievement indeed!



Hi there Claudia. I'm sorry that you seem to have lost your writing mojo. I love your Monday quotes, so please continue with them. I also always enjoy the photos that you post. I'm sure your mojo will come back in no time at all!

Claudia, let your blog rest for a while and you will see how new flowers will grow! Write when you find some time and inspiration, blogging is not a work. Your readers aren´t going anywhere! Love, Sofia.

Your blog should be fun and enjoyable so util your mojo I back take a little break

have you tried just word or letter writing prompts? I like those but they wind up as fiction....

I can relate, Claudia. I am having a bit of a writing slump myself lately. I think we all go through these slumps occasionally where it's hard to think of what to write about. I'm sure it will pass.

Hi Claudia! Isn't that Mojo such a reclusive character at times?? I suggest a total blog break for a while. Only write a post when you REALLY want to. It shouldn't be work, as Sophia said! And yes, we'll still be here when you come back!

I don't blog as much as I used to because life has become so busy for me and sometimes I need a rest from blogging. Don't feel stressed about it; just do whatever moves you at the moment.

I agree with the comments above - blogging should be fun and perhaps it would be easier to post just when you feel like it rather than keeping to a schedule or plan. I'm sure the stories will then come!

I have noticed that the most interesting posts are the one telling something about our life or feelings inside. I have found that this is quite difficult to do. Just open your heart to strange people not knowing what they are thinking about it. And in deep down afraid if people are too judgmental about the thoughts you have.

But these things should be somehow easy to write..because things are happening all the time. Hope you find your inspiration. "You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club."

Anonymous says:

i remember the day i first "met" you..i think it was you..you were engaged and so excitingly fresh in new love..(i think it was you) the format was different..eclectic..an innocence about it. I couldn't wait to see where you would be taking us next. Maybe its all the traveling...you need rest..i have missed you Welcome back!

I appreciate all your comments, advice and above all I am touched of your care. The blogging desire will return for sure, I love to write too much to abandon it, but for a while it will be sporadic and pending on my inspiration! Thank you!

Claudia, I'm sure you'll be back soon. Inspiration is all around - I'm sure you'll find it!

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