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Now this is a lady which might surprise you, Danielle Steele.

But in the end she is no lady to ignore with her more than 800 million books sold world wide.
Despite having written for some four decades, Ms. Steel still manages to turn out at least a book a year—every year—aided by the same trusty researcher she's had since the 1970s.

Steel's novels have been translated into 28 languages and can be found in 47 countries across the globe. The books, often described as "formulaic," tend to involve the characters in a crisis of some sort which threatens their relationship. Many of her characters are considered over-the-top, making her books seem less realistic. The novels sometimes explore the world of the "rich and famous" and frequently deal with serious life issues, like illness, death, loss, family crises, and relationships. Also, there are claims that her popular story lines are based from the events of her life like having two ex-cons ex-husbands and other events that she kept hidden from the public.

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Never read her books but seen some that were converted into TV shows.

Hi Claudia. I haven't actually read any of her books, but I have certainly seen a couple of TV adaptations. I must say that you are coming up with some excellent authors for us to read about in this A - Z Challenge!

I read her books back in high school/college but haven't read anything of hers in 25 years or more. Very formulaic but she has certainly figured out her niche.

I don't think I've heard of her

Anonymous says:

I haven't read her books in a long time, but I do admire someone who can keep coming up with book ideas.

She is very formulaic, and her characters are rather like cardboard cut-outs with no depth. I read a few of hers and was disappointed. She has excellent story-lines, but somehow doesn't develop the characters enough. But hey, what do I know? She's laughing all the way to the bank!

I've read her before, but it's been awhile.


Perfect S post!! I devour Danielle Steele books as soon as they come out.
A to Z-ing to the end
Peanut Butter and Whine

@Suzy - indeed they have, some were rather nice
@Diane - glad you are such a faithful reader!
@Talya - well said
@Adam - now you did :)
@Laura - that is so true!
@Paula - she is very succesful agree
@Joyce - I sometimes read her while flying
@Connie - good:)

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