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Elena Văcărescu (September 21, 1864 in Bucharest – February 17, 1947 in Paris) was a Romanian-French aristocrat writer, twice a laureate of the Académie française.
In 1937, in a speech delivered at the Romanian Academy, Elena Văcărescu, in beautiful Romanian, reminisced about her life and spoke about what it meant to her to be in the service of her country, while far away from it.
“Though I was fated to live far from my country, I have never ceased to feel Romanian, through and through, one with the mind and the heart of my country and intimately connected to it. Spellbound since birth by this earth, I grew up enchanted with the old tales of our land, always found my soul in this rustic poetry and stayed in intimate communion with the patriarchal charm and our treasure chest of feelings. Nowhere else did I hear the rippling sound of our rivers just as no other sky in the world, North and South, can match the color of this sky. The Romanian soul, of which I have always been so proud, is a plenitude of feeling, breathing in the wise glory of nature and life. I also love my country for its uniqueness and originality, which is the source of my own originality. I was, however, destined to be ‘uprooted’, fated to feel tremendous longing for my life-giving native land and forced to sing of it in a foreign tongue. And yet the word ‘uprooted’ does not seem to apply to me. For if I was not in the country, the country was with me and in me, carrying her in my heart and in my soul. My home in Paris was a piece of the Romanian land, a shrine to the Romanian spirit, a place of genuinely Romanian atmosphere, dedicated to the Romanian soul in the capital of France. I can say that in my life I have paid service to one idea, the Romanian idea, and I believe that I have truly followed the legacy of my forerunners, contributing to the growth of the Romanian language and the glory of the country.”
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She sounds most enchanting! Great 'V' post. Congratulations on finding so many women authors for this challenge.
Kathy at Oak Lawn Images

How beautiful. I believe we carry our home with us.

This makes me wonder why she didn't return to live in Romania.

I have been reading about all your authors and what a wonderful selection you found for us, to go with all the letters of the alphabet. ! I do hope that you are feeling a little better from your bronchitis and that you are managing to rest!!

Anonymous says:

I am so impressed that you have been able to find a woman author for each letter! And I have discovered some that I want to learn more about.

Another fascinating writer. You have done well finding women writers for all the letters. Can't wait to see what you come up with for X! Not sure what I'll write for X yet.


@Kathy - some letters were not easy but some came very fast like V
@Talya - I also believe that as well
@Paula - because she could not, her presence was no longer wanted. Her life was never easy
@Diane - happy you enjoyed my challenge, tempted to do one for May, let's see if I get the energy for that. My health is improving, thank you for caring
@Laura - glad you find it interesting
@Cat - you will be suprised :) X was challenging

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