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For a long time I did not post a personal note on my blog, many reasons behind, but in the end I have always intented to write only when I feel it, not because I have to.

This week's theme under GBE2 is what if, sounds wonderful, so many possibilities hidden behind.

Nicolae Titulescu (Romanian politician and historian) wrote that there is a stage in a friendship when you do not need to talk in order to understand each other, neither to give an advice in order to act in common.

In my life I tend to never give up, especially towards my friends, but sometimes you have to let go. There is no room for what if, no possibilities left, just a way ahead. It is not easy, but it is part of an adult life.

No what if, no doubts ...

Life right?



Wow. I can relate to this post or at least I think I can. It seems to me that my best friend and I aren't really best friends anymore. It just seems like our friendship is fading and there isn't really anything I can do about it! But I hope we still will be friend. Adult life is tough and it isn't easy


There will always be moments where we have no control over certain aspects of our life. We just have to be there, as those moments play themselves out. We all want the best for the ones we love -- for friendship and love to be immortal; unfortunately, life is impartial toward our feelings. Some lessons just have to be learned through experience. I always have this urge to fix a problem, and want to believe there is always a solution...Though, I'm starting to realize that if you've given it your all, and nothing changes; then, just maybe that problem was meant to work itself out. As we get older, and the issues become more complex-- we have to realize which moments we need to be a part of, which we need to just be a silent witness to, and which we need to walk away from. I hope you find peace in your choices...just know that if you care about the outcome of your decisions, then you have made them out of compassion, and that's what counts the most.

Life is exactly like that sometimes. I have rekindled a friendship which went south resulting in pain for both of us. The second go 'round was better for many years and yet, now a few years down the road, I rarely see her and rarely miss her. Somewhere in my mind I will always associate pain with having her in my life and as such, I know that relationship was not healthy for either of us. Life throws us a curve and particularly when we choose ill advised friends.

In other words, I think I always knew she and I were not compatible, but I wanted us to be. We can't always have what we want. What if...can be fun, but seldom a healthy way to live. Moving on..........

Life indeed my friend! I have had a couple of friends like that through my life. We have been so close and shared so many wonderful experiences, but, in the end, you just have to let go when it doesn't seem quite right any more, or if all the giving gets to be a bit one-sided. I agree with Jo above - I know that if I got in touch with one really (was) close friend, it would be wonderful for a while, but...... and, again, not a healthy way to live. Hope you're okay.

Unfortunately, I once had to let go of one of my closest friends. I got tired of being the one to give. Although she was one of my best friends and a bridesmaid in my wedding, she refused to drive forty-five minutes to see me when I was outside of Houston. I decided to quit calling her. I didn't hear from her for about five years after that. The time she called me was when she wanted something. I don't need friends like that, so I let her go.


Absolutely true. There are times when you have to make difficult decisions which you know to be the right ones.

Sad but true. We've lost a few friends in the past. We grew apart. No blame assigned, but we moved on.

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