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For a long time I have not written on this blog and that is a fact. As many of my fellow bloggers have observed in time, this happens. I presume it is part of the creative process, I do miss writing but if words are not coming I'd rather not bore you with a blank page.

During the last months I have lost the passion and the inspiration plus some followers as well. I do not complain, but work has taken a lot of my energy and so often I simply want to relax and not write every evening.

But as always there is a silver lining, my holiday seasons starts soon with one amazing trip to a hot island (shall I ask you to guess? will you?) and then followed by the wonderful Christmas time. My home starts to look more and more Christmassy with many many decorations which bring warmth and special scents.

My hope is that the year will end with some brightness and cheerfulness, since I know that 2014 will be a challenging work year (a very tough project ahead!). Sometimes I only need a bit of reflection time which brings a different perspective. I know that it will be harder in the next months to come but at the same time I am so grateful for the happy moments in the near future.

I wish you all (faithful readers) that you enjoy this Sunday and that some clarity will be brought to you as it happened to me.



Don´t worry Claudia! The blog is only 1% of your life. The real life is at home, at work, in the nature, by travelling....and son on. Enjoy your time on the upcoming holiday and Christmas with your beloved ones. Take care, Sofia.

I agree with Sofia, blogging is good and we have made many friends, but real life is at home and work and all the times in between! I am glad that you have some relaxation time coming up. Noone deserves it more than you, as you work so hard my friend. I don't blog nearly as much as I used to either. It's nice that we are able to keep in touch through facebook. Take care.

Yep, yep…we all take our breaks for various reasons. I'm just thrilled to see you back on the blog roll! You are one hard working and well travelled woman! Just hope you do work harder at pacing yourself while you are busy keeping all those balls in the air! I'm so thrilled you are planning a lovely get away! Enjoy your holidays I can just imagine the lovely smells emanating from your kitchen! Big hugs dear friend!

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