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Jenny has an idea and it appealed to me so much that she managed to get me out of my non-blogging period.

Her question happiness is ...? She tries to find an answer on a regular basis, and I wonder if I will be that disciplined to write on a daily basis, but at least I can try.

Today what made me happy is to talk / see / write to my good friends. Sometimes all you need is the comfort of an 'old' relationship to give you the energy to go on. Exchanging thoughts and just being listened to made me happy.

What about you? Care to asnwer?

Happy Saturday!



Thank you, Claudia, for participating. My goal is to help people see when we become aware of what makes us happy we can be grateful for even the littlest things.

Talking/seeing/writing good friends is indeed a true happiness - we are blessed when we can see the happiness our friendships bring us.

Enjoy this challenge, Claudia - even if you don't blog daily about it do think about it daily and let me know if your happiness awareness grows.

With smiles and happy thoughts,
Global Twitter/Blogger Happiness Project

Hallo Claudia. What a lovely surprise to see you here today. For me, happiness is very much meeting up with old friends, and sharing laughter , wine and good food. In fact, the months pass by so quickly that this year my friends and I are making a concerted effort to make arrangements to meet up much more regularly. ;)

Anonymous says:

For me, happiness is in the simple gifts that life gives us. Family, close friends, a good book, laughter, hobbies that we enjoy.
I'm going to have to check out Jenny's project. She is another blogger that I've lost track of. :)

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